The list of moves in Mini-Dos.

Name Image Damage Element (s)
Fireball N/A 10 Fire
Solar Flare N/A 100 Fire, Light
Inferno N/A 60 Fire
Lava Claw N/A 90 Fire
Fire Charge N/A 120 Fire
Gates to the Underworld N/A 150 Fire, Dark
Splash N/A 10 Water
Aqua Storm N/A 100 Water, Lightning
Ocean Pulse N/A 90 Water
Aqua Charge N/A 150 Water
Rain Dance N/A 70 Water
Plant Dash N/A 10 Plant
Poison Spore N/A 150 Plant, Poison
Leaf Tornado N/A 100 Plant
Plant Smash N/A 60 Plant, Fighting
Ghost Curse N/A 120 Ghost

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