Mash-Up Randomness
Developer(s) Joke Productions, MLG Developers
Publisher(s) MLG
Release Date E3 2018
Genre Fighting
Ratings Unknown
Platforms All Consoles Ever (Includes mobile, NES, etc.)
 Mash-Up Randomness is a totally realistic game, that is a simple fighting game engine based off on M.U.G.E.N, developed by Joke Productions, MLG Developers and published by the MLG.


Much like the M.U.G.E.N Engine, MUR is a 2D fighting game. The game contains excellent graphics, with each punch/kick (or whatever, like when a character is hit) showing a pink-colored "POW" sound shape, without the words "POW" mind you. The Jumping mechanic has been said to have a rumor that if you try to triple jump, your game will crash for an unknown reason.


For some reason, all the characters playable are called Non-Playable Characters, which at first confuse the players the first time they try the game and look at the character's list. It is currently unconfirmed how many "Non-Playable Characters" will be included in the game.


  • Hatsune Miku - The mascot of the Vocaloid series puts on a show for us!
  • Missingo - The glitch of the first Pokemanz game, glicthes straight into town!
  • Doge - The Doge Mascot, bites it's way into the competition. (Okay it doesn't exactly bite, I know.)
  • Nyan Cat - The flying bread cat-thing spreads rainbows across the battlefield!
  • Koopa Troopa (Mario Bros. Movie) - Yes! The werid not-Koopa Troopas from the Mario Bros. Movie are now playable characters in a game...pretty amazing for their record.


The only stage in the entire game is a werid glitched-up world, consisting of several memes flying everywhere.

== Trivia==

  • The game was immediately thought off after the owner noticed BH now allowed Joke Articles.

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