Publisher(s)  ???
Platforms  ???
Genre Fighting, Action, Adventure
Series Marvel

 Marvel: Avengers Combat is a new installment to the line of Marvel games, now part of the Avengers Combat series. The game contains characters from the wide Marvel universe, though contains characters that have been released in the game, Avengers Alliance.


The game plays like the "Skylanders" series in terms of gameplay, being that players travel through 3D worlds.

Fights are in the style of Injustice. This also refers to the designs of the characters that after a certain amount of health is lowered, sometimes bruises are shown along with somewhat tattered clothes.

A new addition is the Tag-Teaming feature, where players can switch between their characters during gameplay. Another addition invovles the Team Attack, as if the player uses two characters that have a close relation to one another, they can release a Team Attack that does a lot of damage.

Playable CharactersEdit

Each playable character have different stats and attacks, making them differ from one another. There is in total _ characters, with around 10 being starter characters and _ being unlockable.

Character Name Stats Description
Iron-Man Iron Man ??? Iron-Man is a Long-Range Character, often attacking from afar, using his weaponary that lies within his suit.
Captain-America Captain America ??? ???
Black-Widow Black Widow ??? ???
Hawkeye Hawkeye ??? ???
Thor-Image Thor ??? ???
The-Hulk The Hulk ??? ???
Spider-Man Spider Man ??? Spider-Man is a balanced type character, being able to attack from far distances like web-shooting is and capable of melee combat.
Wolverine Wolverine ??? ???
Scarlet-Witch Scarlet Witch ??? ???
Quicksliver Quicksilver ??? ???





The mission starts with multiple S.H.I.E.L.D agents taking down street thugs, who are causing havoc on the streets. Iron Man is then seen flying down, ready to help take down some street thugs. 


    • Street Thug C: Pistol
    • Street Thug D: Knuckles
    • Street Thug B: Muscle
  • BOSS
    • N/A


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