Agony Edit

  • Lord of Portal:
  • Lord of Slayer:
  • Lord of Pain:

Angel Edit

Asterix Edit

  • Shrewd Warrior:
  • Invisible Rouge:
  • Energy Dash:

Bambu Edit

Baron Brixius Edit

Berto Edit

Betty Edit

Big Daddy Edit

Blaek Edit

Brevon Edit

Carol Tea Edit

Casca Edit

Cole Edit

Crypto Edit

  • Mighty Furon:
  • Paranoid:
  • Mastered Crisis:

D-Tritus Debris Edit

Falcone Edit

Farah Edit

Felicity Edit

Gantu Edit

Garmadon Edit

Gary Smith Edit

Gearbot Edit

Globex Edit

Griffith Edit

Guts Edit

  • Berserker: Gains Rampage mode. His Armor and Weapons are extremely steel.
  • Mercenary: Gains Mad Killing and Cursed Talent. His Armor wear cape.
  • Swordsman: Gains Parasite skills add the move. His Dragonslayer switching to Previous Blades.

Gwynn Edit

Handsome Jack Edit

Isaac Clarke Edit

Jack Sparrow Edit

  • Buccaneer:
  • Captain:
  • Corsair:

James Hopkins Edit

  • Verbal Bullying:
  • Physical Bullying:
  • Badder Bullying:

Jay Edit

Juliet Starling Edit

Kai Edit

Krieg Edit

  • Bloodlust:
  • Mania:
  • Hellborn:

Leroy Edit

Lloyd Edit

Milla Basset Edit

Mr. Torgue Edit

Nosferatu Zodd Edit

Nya Edit

Obelix Edit

Papyrus Edit

Puff Edit

Pyramid Head Edit

Sam Edit

  • Freelance Police:
  • Noir:
  • Guns Fight:

Sans Edit

Sash Lilac Edit

  • Dragon's Water:
  • Bullet Shrine:
  • Spiritation:

Semi-Deity Edit

Shank Edit

  • Brawler: Gains unique attacks utilizing Chains. Chains are added onto his hands.
  • Ranger: Gains Uzi, Shotgun, Mini-Gun and Flamethrower based attacks. A pair of ranged weapons are secured onto his back.
  • Dual Blades: Gains Dual Machete, Katana and Chainsaw based attacks. A pair of melee weapons are secured onto his back.

Shen Edit

Sinjid Edit

  • Balanced:
  • Spell Caster:
  • Shadow Ninja:

Skull Knight Edit

Sonny Edit

  • Psychological:
  • Biological:
  • Hydraulic:

Stitch Edit

  • Mutated Form:
  • DNA-proof:
  • Ragetion:

The Prince Edit

  • Warrior Within: Gains Eagle Sword and Spider Sword based attacks. Eagle Sword and Spider Sword are added onto his hands, added for medium armor.
  • Shadow and the Flame: Adds flame and shadow weapons. An unofficial helmet is added onto his head.
  • Two Thrones: Adds Dagger of Time and King's Sword with Dark Sand power. His right arm is possessed about Dark Sand.

Veradux Edit

Vizier Edit

 Wesley Edit

Wyald Edit

Zane Edit

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