Abir Edit

Ancestor Edit

Anubis Edit

Ariana Edit

Atmosphere Edit

Baraka Edit

  • Blade Master: Gains combos utilizing his blades. His blades are extended out and glow red.
  • Primitive: Gains Tarkatan Rage and Pounce. Markings appear on his body, and his clothes are ripped up.
  • Tarkatan General: Gains Tarkatan Launch and Blade Deflect. He wears the general's helmet.

Belokk Edit

Bo' Rai Cho Edit

  • Bartitsu: Gains Spinning Kane, Flying Kick, and attacks utilizing his Staff. Cane is secured to his waist.
  • Dragon's Breath: Gains Fire Spit, Up Fire Spit, and Ground Fire. Flask glows orange.
  • Drunken Master: Gains Head Dive, Spinning Fists, Multi-Slap, and Drink. Flask glows green.

Cyrax Edit

Desta Edit

Dullahan Edit

  • Vendetta: Dullahan gets the ability to teleport. has a bandana tied around her neck.
  • Kold Demon: Dullahan can freeze her arms and legs to cause more damage to her opponent. Has ice horns on her head. 
  • Khukuri: Dullahan uses her Kukris to stab and rip her opponent, and others unique attacks with her Kukris. Has two Nepalese Kukries holstered behind her waist, she is also unmasked. 

Ermac Edit

  • Mystic: Gains an improved Tele-lift and the Tele-Choke. Gloves and lower, inner portion of his jacket emit a green glow.
  • Spectral: Gains the ability to fly and unique attacks from the air. A glowing, green gem is placed on his chest.
  • Master of Souls: Gains Soul Ball and the ability to disappear to avoid damage. Three soul orbs flow around his body.

Fujin Edit

Ghislaine Edit

  • Saturnus:
  • Mens rea:
  • Conniption:

Gore Edit

  • Stone Lord:
  • Brutal:
  • Volcanic Stone:

Goro Edit

  • Dragon Fangs: Gains unique attacks utilizing Bladed Gauntlets. Bladed gauntlets are added onto his forearms.
  • Kuatan Warrior: Gains powerful Ground Pound and Chest Charge. A Shokan helmet is added on his head.
  • Tigrar Fury: Gains Flame Ball and Dragon Breath. Markings on his back illuminate in a fiery aura.

Havik Edit

Jade Edit

Jax Briggs Edit

  • Pumped Up: Gains enhanced Ground Pound and interactive Gotcha Grab. Purple lights pulsates throughout his cybernetic arms.
  • Heavy Weapons: Gains a Rocket Launcher and Submachine Gun. Rocket launcher and submachine gun is secured onto his back and waist, respectively.
  • Wrestler: Gains the Multi-Slam, Back Breaker, and Grab Kombos. Orange lights pulsate throughout his cybernetic arms, which are darker in color.

Johnny Cage Edit

  • A-List: Can charge Normal and Special Attacks for increased damage. Bandages around his forearms are now black.
  • Fistcuffs: Gains Fist Bump, Flashy Kombos, and Normal Attacks. Brass knuckles with "CAGE" engraved on them are placed onto his hands.
  • Stunt Double: Gains the ability to create Stunt Double Mimics. Sunglasses are green in color.

Kabal Edit

Kano Edit

  • Cybernetic: Gains multiple Eye Laser and grenade attacks. Cybernetic equipment and grenades emits a red glow, bowie knives are removed and combat knives are secured on either side of his waist.
  • Commando: Gains the Choke Grab, Power Slam, and High/Low Parry. Cybernetic equipment and grenades emits a yellow glow.
  • Cutthroat: Gains Knife attacks and Power Up move. Cybernetic equipment and grenades emits a blue glow.

Kenshi Edit

  • Kenjustu: Gains Telekinetic Push, Slam, and Toss. Blindfold is removed, revealing his blue, glowing eyes.
  • Balanced: Gains the ability to project images of himself to attack. Hilt and sheath of the Sento is blue.
  • Possesed: Gains the ability to summon Demons from his shattered blade. The Sento is cracked with a red, glowing hue covering the cracked portions of the sword, sheath is removed.

Kitana Edit

  • Mournful: Gains unique Special Attacks utilizing Jade's Glaive and Staff. Jade's Glaive and staff are secured on her back and waist, respectively.
  • Royal Storm: Gains Fan-Nado, Bounce Back and Square Boost. Veil is removed, hair sticks emits a blue glow.
  • Assassin: Gains Assassin Strike, Princess Parry, and Sharpen. Attire is now prominently black, black face paint is added around her eyes.

Kotal Kahn Edit

Kung Lao Edit

  • Buzz Saw: Gains multiple Hat Grinder Special Attacks. Spiked razors are added around the brim of his hat.
  • Tempest: Gains an Orbiting Hat Shield for offense and defense. Bladed brim of his hat emits a blue glow.
  • Hat Trick: Gains the ability to place Hat Traps that can be recalled. White Lotus symbol on his shirt and kanji on his loincloth emits a blue glow.

L'Vollum Edit

Liu Kang Edit

  • Dragon's Fire: Gains Empowered Dragon Fireballs and Flying Kick. Black, distinctive face paint is added onto his face.
  • Flame Fist: Gains Dragon Parry, Windmill Punch and Shaolin Flame. Forearm guards are red.
  • Dualist: Can switch between Light and Dark forms to heal or harm. Headband and belt are grey.

Mephisto Edit

Mileena Edit

  • Ethereal: Gains the ability to Teleport forward, backwards, or in place. Skin complexion is paler in color, red markings are added onto her arms.
  • Piercing: Gains unique attacks utilizing her Sai. Sais emit a purple glow and are secured on her back.
  • Ravenous: Gains High/Low Pounce and additional biting attacks. Veil is removed.

Moloch Edit

Nightwolf Edit

  • Ancestor's Wrath: Gains moves that utilizes Nightwolf's ability to summon his warrior ancestors. His face paint is black.
  • Shaman: Gains moves that utilizes his old moves. His face paint is red.
  • Earth's Fury: Gains moves that utilizes nature's wrath. His face paint is white.

Noob Saibot Edit

Penance Edit

  • Fueled: Adds Torment and Suffer.
  • Judgement: Adds Shockwaveand special properties to​ Force Ball.
  • Speed Ball: Adds Transference and Momentum.

Quan Chi Edit

  • Warlock: Gains the ability portals to attack form all angles. Glowing, green skeletal hands are secured on his back, skull within his chest armor emit a green glow.
  • Summoner: Gains the ability to summon a Netherrealm Bat to attack. Eyes and spikes on his pauldrons emit a red glow.
  • Sorcerer: Gains magical fields that augment self or cripple opponent. Eyes and markings emit a purple glow.

Quánjíshǒu Edit

Raiden Edit

  • Thunder God: Gains additional hits to electrical attacks and Enhanced Lighting. Lightning surges throughout his gauntlets.
  • Displacer: Gains the use of Teleport and Sparkport. Lightning surges throughout his body.
  • Master of Storms: Gains the ability to place Static Traps. Glowing symbols and electricity emits from his hat, which has been altered to a different variant.

Rain Edit

Rapha Edit

  • Hemomancer: Adds Splatter and Transfusion.
  • Gust'Turra: Adds Ball and Pork-U-Pine.
  • Blooder Vanquish: Adds Sawblades, Surge, and Vibrate.

Reiko Edit

Reptile Edit

  • Noxious: Gains a persistent noxious cloud that inflicts unblockable damage. A green, insect polluted noxious cloud surrounds his body.
  • Deceptive: Gains various stages of invisibility. Mask is removed.
  • Nimble: Gains the ability to increase speed and slow the opponent. A snake is enfolded around his waist.

Roark Edit

Sarah Nac Edit

Scorpion Edit

  • Ninjutsu: Gains unique attacks utilizing Dual Swords. A pair of swords are secured onto his back.
  • Hellfire: Gains Hell Ball, Demon Fire and Flame Aura. Arms emit a fiery aura.
  • Inferno: Gains the ability to summon a Demonic Minion. A skull is draped on the right side of his waist.

Sektor Edit

Serzh Edit

  • Tenderizer: Adds Megabyte, increased damage to special attacks, disables Flintlock. His prosthetic is metal and his pistol will appear on his ankle instead of his waist.
  • Specialist: Adds Long Sword and the grenades attacks with Dual Pistol. His  prosthetic becomes advanced and he equips an "exo-suit".
  • Operative: Adds Low Flintlock and Nuclear Pellets. His prosthetic has no special properties, he will equip shoulder and knee pads.

Shang Tsung Edit

  • Sorcerer: Adds Flaming Skull Eruption, Mysterious Magic and Soul Steal. Shang Tsung's hands glow green with soul energy.
  • Shapeshifter: Adds Ninja Morph, Highlander Morph and Spartan Morph. Shang Tsung wears a bracelet on his right hand with a emerald jewel in it.
  • Firestarter: Adds Fireball, Inferno Fists and Fire Teleport. Shang Tsung's eyes glow red with fiery energy.

Shao Kahn Edit

  • Konqueror: Gains soul-based attacks and Rage, which enhances his power. His eyes and gauntlets glows green.
  • Wrathful: Gains Wrath, which enhances weapon-based moves. His eyes and horns of his helmet glows red.
  • Emperor: Replaces weapons with fist-based attacks. He wears different gauntlet designs and doesn't wear his helmet.

Sindel Edit

Sonar Edit

Sonya Blade Edit

  • Special Forces: Can call in a Special Forces Drone for additional attacks. Tactical armband emits a green glow.
  • Covert Ops: Gains the Garrote Parry and Military Stance. Black, camouflaged face paint is added onto her face.
  • Demolition: Gains various Explosive and Disruptor Grenades. Grenade cartridge bands are secured on either thigh.

Kurtis Stryker Edit

  • SWAT: Gains Rifle Assault, Mobile Assault and Bomb Plant. Stryker has an assault rifle strapped to his back.
  • Riot Control: Gains Riot Shield and Tear Gas. Styker has a riot shield strapped to his back.
  • Officer Down: Gains Hooksword Sweep, Hooksword Roll and Tornado Slam. Stryker has Kabal’s hookswords strapped to his back.

Sub-Zero Edit

  • Cryomancer: Gains the ability to create Ice Weapons. Arms illuminate in a blue aura.
  • Unbreakable: Gains defensive Frozen Aura and Barrier of Frost. Mask is covered in a layer of ice.
  • Grandmaster: Gains an Ice Clone that can be thrown or used as a shield. An illuminated Lin Kuei medallion is fixed onto the right of his torso.

Tao Wang Edit

Tikamado Edit

Tremor Edit

  • Aftershock: Gains Earth Shake and Air Earth Shake. Mask is removed.
  • Crystalline: Gains Krystallization and Summon Krystal. Rock formation throughout his torso and arms emits a glowing, teal aura.
  • Metallic: Rock formation throughout his torso and arms are gold in color.

Tri-Borg Edit

Umbra Edit

Vaatu Edit

Zenko Edit

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