Space Marines Edit

  • Lord Executioner: Adds Power Axe based attacks with Jump Pack, Bionic and Heavy Armor.
  • Master of the Marches: Adds Thunder Hammer based attacks with Spell Book and Cherub.
  • Master of Relics: Adds Power Sword and Plasma Gun based attacks with Chapter Banner and Teleporter.

Orks Edit

  • War Horde: Adds Power Klaw and Twin-Linked Shoota based attacks with Mega Armour and Boss's Waaagh!.
  • Death Speed Freak: Adds Big Choopa based attacks, Stikkbombz and Mega Boosta to make dodge.
  • Big Gunz: Adds Bang Bang Hammer and Kustom Shoota based attacks with Karapace Amour.

Eldar Edit

  • Psyker: Adds Singing Spear based attacks with Wraithbone Armor and Runes of War.
  • Seer: Adds Witchblade based attacks with Rune Armor and Spirit Stone of Eldritch Might.
  • Foresee: Adds Warp Sword based attacks with Armor of Eldanesh and Spirit Stone of Vigor.

Chaos Edit

  • Champion: Adds Axe-Rake based attacks with Jump Pack, Coruscating Flame and Hardened Armour.
  • Terminator: Adds Blood Maul based attacks with Mantle of Hate and Daemonic Visage.
  • Sorcerer: Adds Flame Sword based attacks with Banner of Chaos and Dark Halo.

Tyranids Edit

  • Venom: Adds Bonesword and Heavy Venom Cannon based attacks with Extended Carapace and Rare Winged.
  • Swarm: Adds Behemoth Claw and Rending Stranglethorn based attacks with Bonded Carapace and Poison Cyst.
  • Biomorph: Adds Heavy Talons and Devourer Cannon based attacks with Thornback Carapace and Bio Plasma.

Imperial Guard Edit

  • Militant: Adds Battle Claws and Plasma Pistol based attacks with Bionics.
  • Regimental: Adds Power Fists and Boltgun based attacks with Governor's Shield.
  • Company: Adds Power Blade and Heavy Flamer based attavks with Macharian Cross

Necrons Edit

  • Phaeron: Adds Warscythe based attacks with Gauntlet of Fire, Phase Shifter and Necrodermis.
  • Nodal Command: Adds Hyperphase Sword based attacks with Chronometron, Rod of Night and Resurrection Orb.
  • Harbinger: Adds Staff of Light and Lighting Field based attacks and can activate some Harbingers.

Tau Empire Edit

  • Physiology: Adds Dawn Blades based attacks with Iridlum Armor and Jetpack.
  • Caste System: Uses Elements based attacks to choosing with Ethereal Control.
  • Combat Doctrine: Adds Fusion Blasters and Missile Pods based attacks with Stealth Field and activate Drones.

Sisters of Battle Edit

  • Preceptor: Adds Brazier of Holy Fire and Inferno Pistol based attacks with Emperor Blessing.
  • Commander: Adds Power Sword and Melta Pistol based attacks with Rosarius.
  • Superior: Adds Eviscerator based attacks with Storm Shield and Seraphim Jump Pack.

Dark Eldar Edit

  • Kabalite: Adds Djin Blade and Fusion Pistol based attacks with Webway Portal.
  • Exodus: Adds Agonizer weapons based attacks with Incubus.
  • Twilight Cults: Adds Huskblade and Blaster based attacks, gains the poisons to increase damage.

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