Samurai Jack Edit

  • Swordsman: Adds Sword based attacks with Samurai Armor.
  • Pure: Adds magic based attacks with Mage Armor.
  • Puncher: Uses fist based attacks with Monk Armor.

Johnny Bravo Edit

  • Alpha: Adds Giant Hammer based attacks and Flash Spirit techniques.
  • Proto: Adds Boxing Glove based attacks and Metalchest shield.
  • Disco: Adds Muscle Energy techniques with Cool Glass to learn full power.

Blossom Edit

  • Frozerer: Adds Ice Sword based attacks and Ice techniques with Crown Ice to summon minions.
  • Pink Meter: Adds Pink Energy techniques with Power Core to merged up to blast.
  • Heart Laser: Adds Power Laser techiques with Heart Damage Ability.

Eddy Edit

  • Marshall: Uses Dual Pistol based attacks with Metal Ammo and Firearm techniques.
  • Professor Scam: Uses Superpower based attacks with Clothes Money.
  • Space Outlaw: Uses Atomic Blaster based attacks with Atomic Armour and Energy Core to increased abilities.

Courage Edit

  • Fear: Adds Parasite techniques with Heart attack.
  • Thriller: Adds Claws based attacks with Blood Eyes.
  • Scream: Adds Super-Sonic screaming power with Mad Talent.

Dexter Edit

  • Prime: Uses Large Wrench attacks and Vehour to increased Abilities.
  • Heatblaster: Uses Heartblaster Gun techniques and used Blood Flame to make full defense.
  • Steampunk: Uses  consists of four Robotic Arms on his back, each Armed with a Blaster Pistol.

Ben Tennyson Edit

  • Bio: Gains Biomnitrix to added Atomic-X, Crashocker and Fourmungousaur to used fuses.
  • Ultimate: Gains Ultimatrix to added Humungousaur, Swampfire and Big Chill to become ultimate and increased all stats.
  • Power: Gains Power Watch to added Rath, Four Arms and Diamondhead, as gived most power to gains more damage.

Omi Edit

  • Neptune: Adds Orb of Torpedo based attacks with Water techniques.
  • Manipulation: Adds Shimo Staff based attacks with Kaijin Charm and Ice techniques.
  • Tsunami: Adds Orb of Tornami based attacks with Tsunami ability and Shoku skills.

Juniper Lee Edit

  • Magical: Uses magic powerful based attacks, also using any spells.
  • Karate: Gains Kung-Fu fighting style attack, with a bashed spirit.
  • Formula: Adds Wand of Reduction based attacks with strong abilities.

Robotboy Edit

  • Ray Vision: Uses Ray weapons based attacks with maximum vision.
  • Super Extreme: Uses main brutal heavy moves alongside power elements.
  • Progromided: Gains the self-destruct and auto-revive when he defeated, also using light moves.

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