Scorpion vs. Shank Edit

Both are seek revenge and learn using weapons, as vengeance about Scorpion's family murder by Quan Chi and Shank's girlfriend murder by Butcher.

Atmosphere vs. Falcone Edit

Both are warriors served and the list of team.

Sub-Zero vs. The Prince Edit

Both are assassins, who learn left for Lin Kuei and Persia, though make be reclaim of factions and the same awakening (nonsense about ice or sand).

Desta vs. Farah Edit

Both are archers, who haved bow and arrows.

Vaatu vs. Vizier Edit

Both also an unknown abilities and reclaim to immortal.

Raiden vs. Guts Edit

Both are mighty warrior and the key heroes of world, cause project from invasion in war.

Quan Chi vs. Griffith Edit

Both are arch-enemy of Raiden and Guts, also both are sacrifices of hell.

Ghislaine vs. Casca Edit

Both are princess warriors of kingdom, who know can be served.

Goro vs. Nosferatu Zodd Edit

Both are the most strongest monsters in the world.

Moloch vs. Wyald Edit

Both are big badasses beasts, if can be used forms.

Havik vs. Skull Knight Edit

Both are undead characters who haved armor and weapon.

Liu Kang vs. Sonny Edit

Both are powerful characters in the franchise, spirit strength, but no shirtless and to learn equip.

Jax Briggs vs. Veradux Edit

Both are member of classes, hardened soldier and combat medic, some voice about black man.

Sonya Blade vs. Felicity Edit

Both are incorporates gymastics of soldiers.

Noob Saibot vs. Baron Brixius Edit

Both are undead warriors between wraith and zombie.

Tremor vs. Krieg Edit

Both are most popular of games and the stronger fighters.

Kano vs. Mr. Torgue Edit

Both are brutal characters and advanced weapons to learn beign critical.

Tao Wang vs. Handsome Jack Edit

Both are despair of alligment (good or evil).

Reptile vs. Stitch Edit

Both are most dangerous creatures with claws, express strength and speed.

Belokk vs. Gantu Edit

Both are giant and most dangerous beasts.

Ariana vs. Angel Edit

Both are mysterious females some behind the worlds.

Rapha vs. Leroy Edit

Both are wrathful possessed characters same dust.

Shang Tsung vs. Agony Edit

Both are Sorcerers and alsoare sacrifice main power, between God and King, though are shared fighting style.

Ermac vs. Crypto Edit

Both are surfer mind, also are can using gravity and powerful abilities.

Johnny Cage vs. Jack Sparrow Edit

Both are fated warriors and the most import skills.

Nightwolf vs. Asterix Edit

Both are warriors of the tribes, who living in forrests.

Bo' Rai Cho vs. Obelix Edit

Both are fats, but the strongest characters and using belly.

Kurtis Stryker vs. Sam Edit

Both are badasses, they make brutal damages any time, because they both are polices.

Sarah Nac vs. Semi-Deity Edit

Both are formula painful between mercenary and cop.

Cyrax vs. D-Tritus Debris Edit

Both are same neutral robots, someking any type robots.

Sonar vs. Betty Edit

Both are strong female robots and extreme danger.

Fujin vs. Berto Edit

Both can spin as critical like tornado.

Kenshi vs. Sinjid Edit

Both are using swords and haved same variation as "Balanced".

Kitana vs. Sash Lilac Edit

Both are princess and the Physiology of fighting style.

Mileena vs. Carol Tea Edit

Both are mature characters and the rush.

Jade vs. Milla Basset Edit

Both are cuties and flesh sexual, but color is green.

Penance vs. Shen Edit

Both are shattered of the fighters some strength.

Kotal Kahn vs. Brevon Edit

Both are mastered of power and abilities, if cost many skills.

Kabal vs. Papyrus Edit

Both are ruthless but level-headed combatant.

Anubis vs. Sans Edit

Both are unknown strength and magic, those are different race samething.

Baraka vs. Pyramid Head Edit

Both are the rippost and madness and haved blades, such as swords.

Zenko vs. Wesley Edit

Both are technine fragile form into battle suit.

L'Vollum vs. Globex Edit

Both are badass characters and extreme offensive combat.

Kung Lao vs. James Hopkins Edit

Both are fateful allies and the great friendly

Quánjíshǒu vs. Gary Smith Edit

Both are unwillingly evils and the traitors.

Serzh vs. Isaac Clarke Edit

Both are seargants and the great fighters.

Dullahan vs. Juliet Starling Edit

Both are girl fighters and can used rare weapon.

Gore vs. Big Daddy Edit

Both are huge monsters and the most strategy.

Sektor vs. Gearbot Edit

Both are served for any robots about creation.

Sindel vs. Gwynn Edit

Both are great witches and great dangerous.

Mephisto vs. Bambu Edit

Both are the blood of the beast, but is also rised.

Reiko vs. Puff Edit

Both are the most powerful characters (most extremely brutals).

Roark vs. Kai Edit

Rain vs. Jay Edit

Tikamado vs. Cole Edit

Tri-Borg vs. Zane Edit

Umbra vs. Nya Edit

Shujinko vs. Master Wu Edit

Abir vs. Lloyd Edit

Ancestor vs. Garmadon Edit

Taven vs. Hank Edit

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