Agony Edit

Angel Edit

Asterix Edit

Bambu Edit

Baron Brixius Edit

Berto Edit

Betty Edit

Big Daddy Edit

Blaek Edit

Brevon Edit

Carol Tea Edit

Casca Edit

Cole Edit

Crypto Edit

D-Tritus Debris Edit

Falcone Edit

Farah Edit

Felicity Edit

Gantu Edit

Garmadon Edit

Gary Smith Edit

Gearbot Edit

Globex Edit

Griffith Edit

Guts Edit

Mortal Kombat Side Edit

Raiden Edit

  • How can be the champion are you? (Im the god of thunder.) Oh you are such bitch!

Tollection Pattery Side Edit

Gwynn Edit

Handsome Jack Edit

Isaac Clarke Edit

Jack Sparrow Edit

James Hopkins Edit

Jay Edit

Juliet Starling Edit

Kai Edit

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Nosferatu Zodd Edit

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Papyrus Edit

Puff Edit

Pyramid Head Edit

Sam Edit

Sans Edit

Sash Lilac Edit

Semi-Deity Edit

Shank Edit

Mortal Kombat Side Edit

Scorpion Edit

  • You look familiar. (Burning the wraith of Neatherrealm!) This is not sure.

Tollection Pattery Side Edit

Shen Edit

Sinjid Edit

Skull Knight Edit

Sonny Edit

Mortal Kombat Side Edit

Liu Kang Edit

  • A stronger warrior than me. (Also you weird strength.) Our stand to chance.

Tollection Pattery Side Edit

Stitch Edit

The Prince Edit

Mortal Kombat Side Edit

Sub-Zero Edit

  • What's this, a ninja? (Actually im the Cryomancer.) A kind flesh.

Tollection Pattery Side Edit

Veradux Edit

Vizier Edit

 Wesley Edit

Wyald Edit

Zane Edit

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