Agony Edit

Angel Edit

Asterix Edit

Bambu Edit

Baron Brixius Edit

Berto Edit

Betty Edit

Big Daddy Edit

Blaek Edit

Brevon Edit

Carol Tea Edit

Casca Edit

Cole Edit

Crypto Edit

  • Over Mind on Brain: Crypto using Psychokinesis to target opponent, to heavy smash and crush in 5 times, if fallen to parts of the body and all bones are broken.

D-Tritus Debris Edit

Falcone Edit

Farah Edit

Felicity Edit

Gantu Edit

Garmadon Edit

Gary Smith Edit

Gearbot Edit

Globex Edit

Griffith Edit

Guts Edit

  • Sword Rush: Guts gets out his sword to jams his opponent's chest to slide up to bleeding.

Gwynn Edit

Handsome Jack Edit

Isaac Clarke Edit

Jack Sparrow Edit

James Hopkins Edit

Jay Edit

Juliet Starling Edit

Kai Edit

Krieg Edit

Leroy Edit

Lloyd Edit

Milla Basset Edit

Mr. Torgue Edit

Nosferatu Zodd Edit

Nya Edit

Obelix Edit

Papyrus Edit

Puff Edit

Pyramid Head Edit

  • Deathmare: Pyramid Head gets out his Great Knife to slide his opponent's chest, maked the 'X' to be left.

Sam Edit

  • Sic 'im up, little buddy: Sam summon his parther, Max to attack, he punching his opponent's face and then he grabs the opponent's neck, and tears out their spine and skull.

Sans Edit

Sash Lilac Edit

  • Head To The Life: Sash dashed and stomp to the opponent's stomach, she open chest and pull the spines and taked neck from behind gore.

Semi-Deity Edit

Shank Edit

  • Crow Punch: Shank shoot his gun into opponent's head and then he punching brain and crushed into spines and neck to learn smash off the ground.

Shen Edit

Sinjid Edit

Skull Knight Edit

Sonny Edit

  • Zomes: Sonny breaking his opponent's neck and grab the spines and putting into opponent's eyeballs.

Stitch Edit

  • Glitchtalen: Stitch haves using the anger and killing his opponent, he punching in 8 times and crushed his opponent's torso, if can't be stand.

The Prince Edit

  • Dust into Sand: Prince staps his opponent's legs before staps heads, arms, chest and torso to finished.

Veradux Edit

Vizier Edit

Wesley Edit

Wyald Edit

Zane Edit

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