Abir Edit

Ancestor Edit

Anubis Edit

Ariana Edit

Atmosphere Edit

Baraka Edit

  • Slide To Your Doom: Baraka grabs his opponent's head, he slided and then eating over behind neck, he drop every spines to break out the bone.

Belokk Edit

Bo' Rai Cho Edit

Cyrax Edit

Desta Edit

Dullahan Edit

Ermac Edit

  • We See You Dead: Ermac gets any souls to blast off the arms and legs, he flop up doing crushed.

Fujin Edit

Ghislaine Edit

Gore Edit

Goro Edit

Havik Edit

Jade Edit

Jax Briggs Edit

  • Grab Uncle!: Jax violently using gun and shooting chest, legs and arms, and then he strike upon face, wild breaking neck and crushing opponent head.

Johnny Cage Edit

  • Metal Striked: Johnny rips off his opponent's chest when he pull out his mobile phone before he throw away then kick off the genitalia and opponent haves fallen.

Kabal Edit

Kano Edit

Kenshi Edit

Kitana Edit

  • Excuse You: Kitana haves slide her opponent's arms and rip off the head, then is getting bleeding when she taked heart and staps if can be killed.

Kotal Kahn Edit

Kung Lao Edit

L'Vollum Edit

Liu Kang Edit

  • Kombo Kill: Liu Kang hit his opponent's chest in 16 times, when he finished up, he kick off his opponent's head when he shooting as fire ball to blast off.

Mephisto Edit

Mileena Edit

Moloch Edit

Nightwolf Edit

Noob Saibot Edit

Penance Edit

Quan Chi Edit

Quánjíshǒu Edit

Raiden Edit

  • Electrocution: Raiden grabs the opponent when changes electricity and then making the explosion, all every parts of the body are blow up.

Rain Edit

Rapha Edit

Reiko Edit

Reptile Edit

  • Poison Harder: Reptile vomit into ground and then he using claws and digs all bones, when every bones disable when is died without any bones and then melting.

Roark Edit

Sarah Nac Edit

Scorpion Edit

  • Toasty!: Scorpion removes his mask, revealing a flaming skull, and he breathes fire onto his opponent, burning him/her to a crispy skeleton.

Sektor Edit

Serzh Edit

Shang Tsung Edit

Shao Kahn Edit

Sindel Edit

Sonar Edit

Sonya Blade Edit

Kurtis Stryker Edit

Sub-Zero Edit

  • Deep Freeze: Sub-Zero sucker punches the opponent before plunging his hand into their stomach, grabbing and ripping out their entrails. He freezes these into an icicle, which he violently rams into the opponent's mouth and pushing into chest and haves knocked off when oppopent's heart is destroyed.

Tao Wang Edit

Tikamado Edit

Tremor Edit

Tri-Borg Edit

Umbra Edit

Vaatu Edit

Zenko Edit

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