LEGO The Wolf Among Us
Developer(s) Thibo1102
Publisher(s) Fishlip Studios
Release Date January 3rd, 2016
Genre Action-Adventure
Modes Singleplayer
Platforms PC
Xbox One
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Series LEGO Games
Predecessor LEGO Jurassic World
Successor TBD
LEGO The Wolf Among Us is a game created by Fishlip Games.

Gameplay Edit

It is similar to the previous LEGO games, going through levels fighting enemies, and building things that help you out. But as TellTale focuses a lot on story, there will be quite a bit more cutscenes. And for the people who are getting bored of the same old thing in LEGO games, we have added a new mechanic! Just as in the original game, your choices will have an effect on the story.

Characters Edit

The game has quite small selection of characters, having 36 different characters in total. Note that this doesn't include any alternative skins.

For more information, check Characters.

Levels Edit

Like in the original game, there is a total of five chapters, consisting of six levels each, every episode will have one main choice, you can compare your choices to the choices of others in the "Choices" menu.

For more information, check Chapters.

Open World Edit

Unlike the previous games with open-world, this one is fairly small, as the entire city that the game takes place in, is quite small in general.

For more information, check Open World.

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