Kyle Reese
GNS James Scared

Kyle in the New Terminator Timeline
Nickname(s) Alpha 9-1
Appears in Terminator: Death to the Future
Rank Hero Novice
Affiliations The Hero Coalition
Nationality American
Status Alive
Killed By None
Birth July 1st, 1996
Sex Male
Height 4"4
Weight 50 pounds
Build Athletics
Marks Bullet hole in chest
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Race African-American
Death None
Weapon AK-47 (Red Dot Sight, Grenade Launcher, Laser Sight)
Equipment Frag Grenades, Flashbangs, Smoke Launcher
Timeline New Terminator Timeline
Voice Actor Brandon Martinez
Level All
"Oh, by the way? Clementine's my mother!
What?! The fuck does that-
Well, she and my Dad, they... You know, they did it-
No, I know, but... What?! I sent here there to save him, not for her to get pregnant by him! "
    —The two Versions of Kyle Reese talking about Clementine

Kyle Reese is one of the main characters in the War Of Heroes Crossover Universe, and an Alternate Version of the first Kyle Reese (War Of Heroes) born earlier within the New Terminator Timeline. After Clementine Everett (War Of Heroes) was sent back in Time to the year 1990 and saved Dennis Reese from a T-800 Assassin, the two began a relationship and after 6 years, Clementine became pregnant with the NTT Kyle and gave birth to the infant boy in 1996. This caused a massive Multiversal Paradox which partially erased the War Of Heroes Crossover Universe and also led to the events of Terminator: Death to The Future, where Kyle and Clementine travelled back to the events of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare to destroy The Villain Armada together as mother and son.

Kyle, in the NT Timeline, bears an extreme resemblance to Clementine: He is African-American and has slightly long, black hair which goes down to the bottom of his neck, and his only resemblance to Dennis Reese is his blue eyes and slight voice resemblance.

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