The Knights of The Armada is an antagonist group confirmed for an appearance in the upcoming Crossover Game, War Of Heroes: The Armada Reawakens. This group is made up of the 8 best Villains in the Multiverse, and is led by Armadeus Ren after the War Against the Villain Armada and Foundation of The New Villain Armada. Led from behind the scenes by the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke, confirmed members so far are: Armadeus Ren, Captain Phasma and General Hux.

All of the Villains on this Team are known by the rank of 'Villain Knight', a Villain who is worthy enough to join the Team due to their prowess and determination to take over various Realities in The Multiverse. There are 5 other Villain Knights who are as of yet unidentified (however, they will all be Villains from Call of Duty, The Walking Dead, Terminator and Watch Dogs).

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