Kirby is a veteran returning in Super Smash Bros. Rumble. This is his fifth appearance in a Super Smash Bros., not counting Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. He has been made faster overall, with a few alterations to his moveset and various buffs.

Kirby Rumble
Universe Kirby
Availability Starter
Tier TBD


The hero of Dream Land returns for yet another round of good ol' Smash! He can float around and copy his opponent's abilities, so there's no resting on this puffball (unless you're Jigglypuff, of course!). Although he may not appear intimidating, you're in trouble as soon as you put your guard down.

Abilities & Strategy

Kirby hasn't changed much since the last entry. He has received better aerial mobility and an improved combo game.


  • Combo throws (down throw, forward throw, back throw)
  • Great juggling and combo game
  • Admirable aerial mobility
  • Dangerous aerials


  • Light weight makes him prone to quick kills
  • Unimpressive ground game
  • Laggy kill moves

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