Kingdom Rush: Rebooted is the first in the Kingdom Rush: Rebooted spin-off series of the popular Kingdom Rush.

Plot Edit

It is recommended to own the first 3 Kingdom Rush games to understand this

30 years after Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, the soul of the Spider Goddess has mixed with Umbra's creating the ultimate dark form. The heroes must battle through many places like the familiar Lineria and Hammerhold, to Malicia's old throne at the Unseelie Court and the magical Shrine of Elynie, to the Temple of Saqra and more completely new stages.

Gameplay Edit

KR:R plays similar to the original game combined with the third, featuring the new hero system from Origins, with the inner gameplay of the first game. As always, the player places down towers to defend from enemies, but alongside the Archers, Barracks, Mages and Artillery come the new Defenders, Teslas and Fortresses.

Changes Edit

Archer Tower Edit

The archers are not changed much, with the only change being that rarely, critical hits will be shot, doing to damage points.

Barracks Tower Edit

All troops trained from barracks have been buffed.

Mage Tower Edit

Magic hits now do two damage to non-resistant enemies. It now costs 110 coins.

Artillery Tower Edit

No changes were made to the artillery.

New Towers Edit

Defender Tower Edit

The defender tower acts as a block, that will take multiple attacks for the enemies to break. It costs 70 coins.

Tesla Tower Edit

The tesla tower basically is a nerfed version of the Tesla from the first game. It costs 125 coins.

Fortress Tower Edit

The fortress tower is a big tower that acts as an archer tower that shoots slower with two strong troops guarding it. It costs 200 coins.

Towers Edit

See: Kingdom Rush: Rebooted/Towers

Enemies and Bosses Edit

See: Kingdom Rush: Rebooted/Enemies

Levels Edit

Main Campaign Edit

  1. Southport
  2. Twin Rivers Pass
  3. Silveroak Forest
  4. Silveroak Depths
  5. Fort Riverdell
  6. Juggernaut Junkyard
  7. Lineria (BOSS: Orc'ki Zrai)
  8. Icewind Pass
  9. Snow Temple
  10. Permafrosted Cave
  11. Ice Tunnels
  12. Frost Elf Stronghold
  13. Yeti's Lair
  14. Mount Everfrost (BOSS: The Everfrost)
  15. The Blacklands
  16. Pit of Fire
  17. Tower Ruins
  18. Dark Mountain
  19. Demon Chasam
  20. Gates of Flame
  21. Pandemonium (BOSS: Moloch)
  22. Shadow Stronghold
  23. Crystal Caves
  24. Boulder Pass
  25. Spider Ravine
  26. Chasm Depths
  27. Skull Castle (BOSS: Queen Skullspawn)
  28. Hammerhold
  29. Sape Oasis
  30. Buccaneer's Den
  31. Port Buccadell
  32. Pyramid Of Miku (BOSS: Pharaoh Miku)
  33. Mountain Trail
  34. Tribesmen Village
  35. Temple of Saqra
  36. Snapvine River
  37. I'quat Volcano (BOSS: Volcanic Death)
  38. Under the Earth
  39. Depth Pass
  40. Beresad II's Lair
  41. Dragon Roost
  42. The King's Temple (BOSS: Xyzzy II)
  43. Out Of The Caves
  44. Buccaneer's Port
  45. Pirate Assualt
  46. H.M.S Navybane
  47. Pirate's Island (BOSS: The Zombie Leviathan)
  48. Port Gryphsdell
  49. The Crystal Lake
  50. Unseelie Ruins
  51. Grimmsburg
  52. Crystal Of Spi'Ya (BOSS: Spi'ya)
  53. Arcane Court
  54. The Broken Tear
  55. Dark Underlands
  56. Evil Isle
  57. Volcano Of Darkness (BOSS: Dark Goddess)

Mini-Campaigns Edit

Flame Mountain Edit

  • Fire Gateway
  • Dwarven Pass
  • Black Factory (BOSS: Vulcan)

Black Island Edit

  • Shipwreck Seas
  • Phantom Island
  • Temple of Megagurun (BOSS: Megagurun)

Icy Hunt Edit

  • Poacher's Trail
  • Yeti Pass
  • Sasquatch Cave (BOSS: The Poacher)

Heroes Edit

  • Muyi, The Elf Hunter (Start The Game)
  • Erin, The Werewolf (Beat Silveroak Forest)
  • Fle'Tsorf, The Frost Elf (Beat Icewind Pass)
  • Vez'nan The Dark Wizard (Beat Tower Ruins)
  • Asker, The Spider Hunter (Beat Spider Ravine)
  • Beresad II, The Dragon (Beat Beresad II's Lair)
  • Treebrunk, The Ent (Pay $0.99)

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