Kenny Sharlock is the master detective of the Gear Tech and the leader of the Seeker Gear Clan.


Kenny was raised by a famous detective, Holmes Sharlock. Everyone loves him and he wanted to become a detective like his father.

But after his father death, Kenny's family are giving his father position. It took 7 years to train by both home school and his father own school, Shardlock Detective Academy.

After the Wind-Up Rebellion, he decided to form an organization by searching people with good skills. That he created Gear Tech.


Kenny is an out-going and a little childish person. He's very friendly to some people. But when it come to cases, he became serious and breaks all laws. However, he'll become furious when somebody hurts and messes with his friends (new or not).


Kenny has white spiky hair. He wears a purple top hat, purple suit with white sweater inside, a red bow tie, purple demi-pants, and black fancy shoes.


Being a son of a famous detective, Kenny was an expert on solving mysteries. He's very acrobatic and very quick during battle or avoinding traps. He has an advanced fencing skills, but lacks on two-handed weapons. He likes to use many types of guns.


  • Cane Sword
  • 1200's Lox Pistol


  • He's the son of Holmes Sharlock, which he protrays as Sherlock Holmes.

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