The story mode of Jetix vs. Sony World is told over 16 chapters: (8 each sides), with one character being playable in each chapter. The order of each chapter is listed below.

Chapters Edit

Jetix Story Edit

  1.  Andy Larkin
  2.  Tick
  3.  Will Vandom
  4.  Red Ranger
  5.  Chiro
  6.  Tutenstein
  7.  Skeleton King
  8.  Axel Manning

Sony Story Edit

  1.  Sly Cooper
  2.  Nariko
  3.  Cole MacGrath
  4.  Jak
  5.  Ratchet
  6.  Col. Radec
  7.  Sweet Tooth
  8.  Kratos

Introduction Edit

Banshed for the Paine's gang haves defeated, even Dragon. Alexander Paine would be setting into weapons to beat Axel, attempt for Dragon, he doesn't matter for world but Alexander haved enough for him who betrayed or not, the portal awaits and Paine got to slayed, when Axel shot Alexander into portal while is happened beign destruction, across the other universe could be troublemaker. Somewhere in Mount Olympus, Ares wouldn't have to fixed gods, cause he is immortal who haved created. Kratos knews that Zeus is become evil, deadly broken, by Kratos blast with Blades of Chaos to defeat Ares at the portal.

Two worlds collide and merged into created the "Kombat Rage", the fusion of Alexander Paine and Ares turn into "Paine War", who was beign explosion. Paine War crushed Jetix world to Sony world until get merged.

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