Inkling Artwork
Universe SplatoonSymbol
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Warfare
Availability Starter
 Inkling, is a new playable character to appear in the Super Smash Bros. series. She is titled as a good long-range fighter, but still serves as a regular melee-range fighter.


Inkling plays a quite reliable style, as her attacks can change from large-radius to small-radius attacks. Inkling also has quite the speed, a bit faster than Lucina. Her attacks can also change, as she can switch from quite a few weapons. However, this is balanced due to her lack of being able to attack quickly, as most of her attacks are quite slow to react. Despite this, she still plays a good role.


Name Damage Description
Neutral 2% (per hit) Inkling continuously jabs forward with her gun
Side Tilt 3% Inkling elbows to the side
Up Tilt 5% Inkling kicks upwards
Down Tilt 3% Inkling slams her gun into the ground
Dash 4% Inkling runs forward and and headbutts


Name Damage Description
Side Smash 6% Inkling shoots a glob of ink in front of her
Up Smash 4% Inkling kicks upwards 2 times
Down Smash 3% Inkling does a short breakdance


Name Damage Description
Neutral Aerial 2% Inkling jabs forward
Forward Aerial 3% Inking trhuts her gun forward
Back Aerial 2% Inkling kicks backwards
Up Aerial 4% Inkling headbutts upwards
Down Aerial 5% Inkling kicks downwards with both feet

Floor RecoveriesEdit

Name Damage Description
Front Floor 2% Inkling kartwheels forward
Back Floor 2% Inkling kartwheels backwards

Neutral SpecialsEdit

Name  2nd Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Ink Glob 6% Inkling shoots a glob of ink forward, can be charged
Side Special Paint Roll 8% Inkling rolls her Paint Roller forward
Up Special Ink Rifle 7% Inkling grabs her Ink Rifle and shoots upwards
Down Special Ink Bomb 9% Inkling throws an Ink Bomb downwards, creating a small explosion of ink


Name Damage Description
Grab - Inkling turns into Squid Form and wraps herself around the opponent
Pummel 1% Inkling squeezes the opponent
Forward Throw 3% Inkling reverts back to humanoid form and kicks the opponent forward
Back Throw 2% Inkling throws the opponent backwards
Up Throw 4% Inkling sprays ink at the opponent, shooting them upwards
Down Throw 5% Inkling does a small dive bomb


Name Damage Description
Edge Attack 1% Inkling jumps upwards and smashes her gun wherever she lands on


Name Description
Up Taunt Inkling transforms into squid form and flys around
Side Taunt Inkling points her Ink Gun forward and shouts "Show me what you've got!"
Down Taunt Inkling is seen transforming into Squid Form as she dances

Final SmashEdit

Name Damage Description
Final Smash/Ink War 5% (per Inkling shot), 3% (per Octopus Army Corps Member) Inkling will jump out of the screen as a group of Inkling and Octopus Army Corpse Members appear on opposite sides and start firing at each other. The opponent can get hit by the ink blasts, though the opponent can still dodge the ink blasts if skilled enough.


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