Infinite Rift
Developer(s) Trident Games
Publisher(s) Poseidon Interactive
Genre Third Person Fighter-Platformer.
Modes Single Player
Platforms PlayStation 3

Xbox 360

Series Infinite Series
Predecessor None

Note: The Movie Trilogy is fictional

Infinite Rift is a game for mainstream consoles. The game is a continuation of the Infinite (movie) trilogy It follows a team called RIFT who goes into a restricted zone to hunt down an evil warlord called Maximus who was the main protagonist of the original trilogy.


Infinite Rift is essential a third person fighter game.



  • Nathan Newman- The Leader, he is an Ice Mage. Nathan worked for the military as Mage Combatant and reached a high rank. Shortly after the mass evacuation Nathan formed a small group called RIFT with Tyler and Nolan.
  • Tyler Rodriguez- A Fire Mage.
  • Nolan Watts- A Flora Mage.
  • Zaria Osborne- A Water Mage. Zaria was banished back to Earth when she was trialed guilty for murder.
  • Grant Gunner- An Earth Mage
  • Samual Woods- A Fire Mage
  • Thomas Miller- A supporting character in the original Infinite Trilogy, he is a Wind Mage.
  • Zyvox- A AI mechanical robot. He is called a Tech Mage.


  • Maximus- A Corrupt Shadow Mage.
  • Elizabeth Helrix- A <Insert Important Role> Who thinks humanity should be a female only species.
  • Nekton- A Corrupt Space Mage.
  • Claire Synton- A Corrupt Water Mage.
  • Harrison Strass- A Corrupt Ice Mage.


Note: Some names and plot elements are subject to change and may require some more work. What you see is not final.


Infinite was a movie which follows the rain of the Mage warlord Maximus mainly consisting of males. Because most of these males worked undercover and were so numerous female groups arose that would murder males suspected of being Mages, which because of this most males joined Maximus out of fear. The government then made the choice to flee the Earth and leave behind all men going somewhere where no Mage could find them. It was covered up by saying Women and children first yet it was revealed that this was actually a movement by Elizabeth Helrix who has a delusion that Humanity should be a Female only species.


The story starts with the RIFT team in the Redgate facility, large maze like building built to contain a portal to the restricted zone. After exploring around for five minutes, the team finally finds an entrance to the restricted zone. Although they know that they are in a containment area, they appear to be in an open pasture-like area that is bright and sunny. The team unable to find any trace of Maximus in the pastures but instead encounter a Venus Colossus. From then one they go into a Ravine area where they encounter corrupt Mages, Mage that gave into there power and became mindless monsters.


  • Zyvox is named after an antibiotic which fights bacteria in the body. It is used to treat various bacterial infections. How this relates to the character is that Zyvox's purpose is to eliminate threats.
  • What sets Nekton apart from other Corrupt Mages is that Nekton is corrupt by his own accord.

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