Infinite is a series created by Poseidon133 in which takes place in a science fantasy world. Despite all the different worlds of Infinite being connected, they are all considered stand alone experiences.


Infinite was a movie which follows the rain of the Mage warlord Maximus mainly consisting of males. Because most of these males worked undercover and were so numerous female groups arose that would murder males suspected of being Mages, which because of this most males joined Maximus out of fear. The government then made the choice to flee the Earth and leave behind all men going somewhere where no Mage could find them. It was covered up by saying Women and children first yet it was revealed that this was actually a movement by Elizabeth Helrix who has a delusion that Humanity should be a Female only species.

The Infinite TrilogyEdit

The Infinite trilogy follows six individual males who struggle for survival when Earth becomes a free-for-all for mages. During the events of the Infinite trilogy 80% of all the men left behind were killed in the free-for-all. The original trilogy focuses on the theme of loss.

Infinite RiftEdit

The first installment explores Elizabeth Helrix recruiting RIFT to assassinate Maximus, the main antagonist of the original trilogy.

Infinite StargateEdit

Known as the tear jerker of the series Stargate follows the story of Elizabeth Cardenas and her journey to find the Stargate, an ancient device that cures the user of their illnesses for good. Elizabeth being a patient to a terminal illness is spurred into action when her hospital is massacred and she all that's keeping her alive is an illegal drug.

Infinite AcademiaEdit

This installment is the most unique being puzzle based, while it's connection to the main series is widely speculated, Infinite Academia is set in the university of Academia in which is run by an AI that went rampant turning the academy into a seemingly endless maze trapping it's students in, and forcing to find a way out for their survival.

Infinite NightfallEdit

The Installment that finally introduced Trident's infamous Nightfall to the Infinite series. Infinite Nightfall is set 200 years in the past in a modern day style in which follows Olivia Orliath and her husband Max Orliath (Before he became Maximus) in a fight for survival when a civil war breaks out.

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