How to Train Your Dragon: The Game is a game.

Developer(s) Dragon Studios
Publisher(s) Dreamworks
Genre  ???
Modes Normal, Battle
Ratings 99.9/100
Platforms DGS
Media N/A
Series How to Train Your Dragon
Predecessor How to Train your Dragon 2

Overview Edit

You are Berk's newest dragon rider. You must choose your dragon, train it, Fight villains like Dagur, the Red Death and Drago Bludvist and catch more dragons.

Starter Dragons Edit

  • Deadly Nadder
  • Monstrous Nightmare
  • Gronckle
  • Hideous Zippleback
  • Razorwhip
  • Scauldron
  • Night Fury

Trainable Dragons Edit

Common Edit

  • Deadly Nadder (If not chosen)
  • Monstrous Nightmare (If not chosen)
  • Gronckle (If not chosen)
  • Hideous Zippleback (If not chosen)
  • Razorwhip (If not chosen)
  • Scauldron (If not chosen)
  • Fireworm
  • Terrible Terror
  • Whispering Death
  • Speed Stinger
  • Night Terror

Uncommon Edit

  • Rumblehorn
  • Thunderdrum
  • Snaptrapper
  • Hotburple
  • Changewing
  • Typhoomerang
  • Death Song
  • Tide Glider

Rare Edit

  • Bewilderbeast
  • Boneknapper
  • Screaming Death
  • Skrill
  • Snow Wraith
  • Grapple Grounder

Ultra Rare Edit

  • Night Fury (If not chosen)

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