Hael Storm: Galaxy's Most Wanted
Developer(s) Fishlip Games
Publisher(s) Fishlip Games
Genre Action-Adventure
Platforms Wii U Playstation 4 Xbox One Xbox Extreme
Series Galactic Saviors
Predecessor None
Hael Storm: Galaxy's Most Wanted is a spin-off of Galactic Saviors starring the Space Pirate Hael Storm. It is also the user Captainfishlip's entry into the VGFW's Imagine contest.

Gameplay Edit

The game is a mix of 3D Platforming and a 3rd-Person Shooter.

Story Edit

The Story is about Hael Storm 5 years before the events to Galactic Saviors where she gets very deeply in debt with one of the most powerful men in the Galaxy. The rest of the game follows Hael fighting of Bounty Hunters and trying to get out of debt. More Info Coming Soon!

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