Galen Gurfspiral
Universe Galactic Saviors
Appears in Galactic Saviors
Unnamed Galactc Saviors Sequel
Debut Galactic Saviors
Availability Starter

Galen Gurfspiral is the main Protagonist of the game series Galactic Saviors.

Personality Edit

Galen has a very strong sense of good and can never be bribed to turning on anyone who he believes is good. He is also a great leader as shown in Galactic Saviors when he coordinates Hael and Jay to efficiently defeat the Lionsquatch.

Background Edit

Galen grew up never knowing his father and his mother worked most of the week to make a living for them. He joined the Nexus Army when he was 18 and aided in the Void War for 5 years. After the Void War he volunteered to help the Army track down Space Pirates that had caused lots of trouble during the War.

Appearances Edit

Galactic Saviors Edit

In Galactic Saviors he is seen leading a group of soldiers to arrest the Space Pirate Hael Storm. In the battle both the ships are imprisoned by the invading Lionsquatch and Galen his team and Hale and his crew are taken prisoner on their ship.

Unnamed Galactc Saviors Sequel Edit


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