Galactic Saviors
Galactic Saviors Logo
Galactic Saviors Logo
Developer(s) Fishlip Games
Publisher(s) Fishlip Games
Genre Action-Adventure
Modes Single-Player
Online Multi-Player
Ratings E +10
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Xbox One
Series Galactic Saviors
Predecessor None, First Installment

Galactic Saviors is an Action-Adventure game developed by Fishlip Games. This game was their first independent game.

Gameplay Edit

In-Game you must travel to different planets and defeat Lionsquatch outposts on many different worlds. After you conquer an outpost you unlock more gear and abilities.

Story Mode Edit

Story Mode is the Main plot of the Game defeating the Lionsquatch and their King Lionman. To do this you must go and conquer the several outposts and generals to progress through story mode.

Space Battles Edit

While in Space you can encounter the Lionsquatch or Pirates and you have two options. To Fight them or run away. When fighting you are able to fly around and fire your ships weapons at enemy ships and you are able to board larger ships and defeat the crew and claim loot on board.

Multi-Player Edit

In Multi-Player Mode you fight against other online players from alternate realities in arenas. Victories will give you money to buy new gear and armor.

Storyline Edit

Main Article: Galactic Saviors/Storyline

DLC Edit

There has been confirmation that there will be 2 DLC packs with new campains although it is unknown when they will be released.

  • Void War DLC
  • Unknown DLC

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