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I have planned to do something like this for nearly a year. I use to make a GMOD version which got a bit boring afterwards. I then decided to make a Skylander version's quite unique and I don't remember hearing anyone making their own Skylander version of this.

This music is by Neil Cicierega, better known as the creator of the Potter Puppet Pals, a funny puppetized version of Harry Potter (which I remember making fan videos about it when I began my teenage years, they were the first videos I posted on Youtube)

Skylanders casted as TUSOUT characters: Thumpback - Godzilla Pop Fizz - Bruce Wayne/Batman Terrafin - Shaquille O'Neal Slam Bam - Aaron Carter Swarm - Abraham Lincoln Bouncer - Optimus Prime from the Transformers Hot Dog - Scruff McGruff the Crime Dog Stink Bomb - Jackie Chan Smolderdash - Indiana Jones Zou Lou - Care Bear Whirlwind - Angel Tree Rex - Chuck Norris Master Eon - Gandalf from Lord of the Rings Chop Chop - Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail Chompy Mage - Benito Mussolini Gulper - Blue Meanie from Yellow Submarine movie Rattle Shake - Cowboy Curtis from Pee Wee's Playhouse Ninjini - Jambi the Genie from Pee Wee's Playhouse Drobot - Robocop Drill Sergeant - Terminator Snap Shot - Captain Kirk from Star Trek Kaos - Darth Vader from Star Wars Arkeyan Conquertron - Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China Spyro - Superman Giants Sidekicks - Power Rangers Tuk - Bill S. Preston from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures Gorm - Theodore Logan from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures Flameslinger - Spock from Star Trek Bash - The Rock Spy Rise - Doc Ock from Spider Man Lightning Rod - Hulk Hogan Tessa and Rufus - Civillians Flynn - Mr Rogers

Other characters from Skylanders making an appearance: A few minor dragons Some sheep Prism Break Voodood Camo Stealth Elf Ignitor Eruptor Dino-Rang Trigger Happy Some enemy trolls Goliath Drow Zap The scrapped Sun Dragon Wrecking Ball Flameslinger Gill Grunt Unused Cat enemy Cynder Some Cyclopses Cyclops Mammoths Stump Smash Boomer Zook Chieftess Some minor foxes Zoo Lou's Pig Some Giant Arkeyan Robots Hot head Eye Brawl Crusher Arkeyan King Avril Some Greebles Tree Rex's Woodpecker Chompy Mage's Puppet Rattle Shake's Snake on the gun Hugo Wolfgang Krankcase Food Fight Wallop Some Chompies Jet-Vac Glumshanks

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