Feline Kingdom was a story written in 2012 but set in 2013.


Feline Kingdom

Chapter 1Edit


I don’t really how to start off this new journal other than writing down what happened today. Today was really boring, first I had maths, we started doing fractions, it was the worst, and I don’t even want to go into details. Then I had spelling, it’s so hard. In the tests I only get like 3/10 maybe even 6/10 if I’m lucky. Recess was also boring my friends agreed, couldn’t find something to do. The girls were really mean and wouldn’t let us sit anywhere, so we dobbed them in and now they have detention. After recess we had science which was extra boring. Why do we even have to learn science, I don’t even think I will have a job that requires thinking any law of Physics. The teacher almost gave me a detention, I wasn’t doing anything. It was actually someone else threw something at the teacher and they blamed it on me. The teacher turned to me and yelled at me and then my friend who was sitting next to me dobbed him. So now that bully has detention. After that I had PE but it was raining so I had to do work on health. Why can’t we just do Indoor Sports, someone asked that and the teacher full one yelled at him and gave him lecture on how we should know about the human body. At lunch computer room was full, I wasn’t in there but unfortunately all of my friends were in there so I was all alone. That’s when the boredom starts happening. Worst of all when my friends aren’t around to defend me the Two mean girls start tackling me and bullying me and that stuff. Mum picked me up early; I was kind of relieved but it was only to do grocery shopping. Why can’t she wait until the Information Technology lesson that was after lunch was over? Worst of all, my sister ally wanted a new diary. So she got her one and said only if I get a diary. At first I was about to say no way but then mum said she will call out- Mummy is going to miss her little kitten when I go to school so you obviously know who won out. Mums isn’t always serious but never test her, she completely hates it and ends doing it anyway. That’s why she sold my Video game console she even admitted she wouldn’t of sold it if I hadn’t tested her. And to top off selling the console I was grounded. Anyway you’re probably wondering I did wrong. Mum told me to walk Lily my three year old sister to the playground but I was about to head out to my friends place so I told her my point of view. Then mum threatens to sell my console, so I tell her I have been planning this for a week then I decide to go to my friends place anyway. When I got back mum had the console and was on a shopping site putting it up for sale. I thought that this was the worst day of my life but that incident doesn’t matter because I saved up for another one.


I think this day was the weirdest day ever I might be hallucinating I saw a cat that was on fire except it wasn’t acting hurt it was just acting normal doing its thing like it was a fire elemental or something. If it was an elemental it would make sense because I think I also saw water, earth, air and sand. What are creatures like that doing here? If mum reads this she will think I made it up or think I am hallucinating and I am in desperate need of help. Hopefully it is the first. Then they appeared to be talking. That is also a big sign of madness. I am writing down things that I don’t want mum reading luckily she will never use it to catch me out because she thinks I won’t be completely honest with myself. Hopefully I’m right with that one because I am the creative writing type. I have written six stories in the last year that are more than 3000 words, one was 5147. That was actually a record for me but it was nothing compared to my sister Amber, she wrote a story that was 9482 words. What was my 5147 story? I think it was something Full of Regrets; it was about a girl called Olivia who was a bit mean and had more than seven boyfriends than everyone starts calling her names. Her friends stop talking to her and she gets depressed and at about three quarters in the way she attempts suicide. Mum liked that story. I went over it over and over fixing mistakes and making it longer. I am not sure what ambers story was about.


I will try to keep this elemental cats incident a secret from my friends they will also think I am going crazy and no one wants to be friends with someone who is crazy. Are they really my friends if they don’t friends with someone like that? One or two would try getting that person help if they really think they needed it. I found school hard to concentrate, I kept thinking about those elemental cats. The same message kept repeating in my head. I can’t even remember what it was. I even got sent out for not doing any work in class. I think I may have gotten sent out all of my classes. One got close to calling my parents. I need to get this over and done with. I will follow the elemental cats and where they will go, I’ll go. I couldn’t sleep last night. I did get to sleep at about one o’clock. I only got four hours of sleep. Maybe this isn’t real but how long until I start hearing voices?


I don’t think I am hallucinating anymore because I followed the elemental cats into a cave I saw some sort of portal frame. I was pretty confused; I had never seen anything like it. It just all seems like fantasy. The cats went away so I went and studied the portal frame. Then the elemental cats came back the air one says “see I knew that someone would come to us” I just knew they were talking about me (or at least I think they were) so I just went along with it and then the portal was activated. The portal lit up in a red-orange color. I hope this isn’t hallucination because this is awesome. Then I realize people are hallucinating don’t know that they are hallucinating. Now this I’m thinking I’m hallucinating thing makes no sense. I fact I’m confused now. The other side of the portal was amazing it was like an ancient kingdom but full of cats and kittens. The sky was blue and there was no cloud to be seen and the giant limestone citadel was surrounded by mountains and at the palace was a scenic view of the valley below. The whole time this was real and there was nothing to freak out about. The elemental cats introduced themselves their group is actually called the Catamentals; that was a creative name, yet a bit expected. I would really say original if someone just made it up. Then they told me their names. The fire one was called Ragnos. The water one’s name was Nepta. The earth one was called Thezon. The air one was called Akir. The sand one was called Pasir. What names, I think I may find them a bit hard to remember but then I have this dairy to use in case I do forget. Then they asked for my name, I say “Thomas”. Well that was an honest because that was my real name but I could have lied and said a name I want like David. I kind of have a habit of lying but was good because I was actually honest for once. I was pretty excited to be in a place where I am the virtually most respected person but then I had to go through a boring ceremony. I guess these cats are really excited to have company from a human, have they ever seen one before. Then a fine Bengal looking cat who was the cat king- King Felon sprayed me with this special liquid that only cats can smell and humans can’t smell so I am expecting to have a lot of attention from cats but I was already having a lot of attention from these so it wouldn’t make much difference. It also gives you special powers, like enhanced skill, speed and jumping. That may get annoying but I love cats so I should have a little optimism here. I forgot to mention this kingdom is called Felinia. I thought it would be something different another name for cats is feline. “Cheering is meowing, hissing is booing” Ragnos tells me. I didn’t hear any hissing so that means the crowd likes me. They may just be cheering because they think I can protect them because I have enhanced skills. They look pretty powerful so why can’t they protect the kingdom themselves? Maybe there is a bigger threat that they need someone from the outside to deal with.


The cat princess is a bit spoilt but my cat is exactly like that so I’m used to it. After that ceremony yesterday I can now talk to cats. The cat prince is meant to be in love with the cat princess but it is obvious the cat prince is being used. All of the sudden I hear ringing sound. Panic assures for the other cats around me and the Catamentals brace themselves. I tell them that it was just my phone, mum texted; where are you I have the police looking all over for you last night and today, are you okay? If you are just trying to run away you are in big trouble. If you come back at 5:00 I will let you off the hook. I realize the situation now I spent all afternoon and all night in Felinia and mum is worried I’ve been kidnapped or even may be dead. I prefer Felinia and Mum hasn’t been on my good side lately. So now to stay in Felinia I need to fake a death. Then something popped into my head, how can I get reception in another dimension! I am really baffled right now. I need some rest


I am Still in Felinia and Akir is going to help me fake my death by making a realistic dummy of myself and he did a great job for an Air Catamental because it was realistic. The dummies eyes are closed and can’t wait for cloths to be put on it because Akir has gotten every part of my body right.

Alright it’s all set, I’ve been given nice clothes that I customized myself to wear and I put my school uniform on the dummy. Tonight I went to the forest were the search party was looking for me and Akir and I brought the dummy. Soon I saw mum and the search party I tried to stay low and out of sight. I lay the dummy down Akir scratches it a bit than the dummy bleeds. Akir is an amazing artist if he can make the dummy bleed. Then we make a run for it. Akir said the search party has already found the dummy. I’m glad we quickly made a run for it or I would have been in big trouble. I could hear mum crying. My heart sank because I knew I was never going to see mum again.


I am back in Felinia and I am going exploring with the Catamentals. I was amazed I wasn’t tired after 10km and I could run fast. It was amazing. I was doing parkour, being skilled even doing in backflips and all kind of stunts. But then I spot some tigers. Turns out cats call tigers, lions etc. giants. I can see why. They were huge or should I say ginormous. There were like ten or twenty “giants” so how is that for an action scene and they are after me. I tell the Catamentals to go back, so they do. I know they have awesome powers but let’s not be cocky until I know the full extent of them. I jump over the giants, I can jump high so then when I land I start running and all the “giants” chase me and it looks like they are a tiny bit faster than me because they were slowly catching up to me. Luckily there was a ravine near by so run for it and I jump over the ravine. None of the giants made the jump all of them falling to their death. As I just made the jump I was just hanging.


Today I have been awarded for my bravery. I pat the princess on the head; she enjoys it so scratch her on the chin. I hear cats love that. Thezon jumps on to the table and says “I hope you don’t disappear like the last protector did”. That sentence doesn’t inspire confidence what happened to the last one anyway, I’m going to find out what and who but that’s something for another day because it looks like I am going to be partying hard for rest of the day or should I say celebrating. Nepta picks up a glass bottle with her paws walks up to me on her hind legs, how cute. She gives me the bottle and I pour the Catamentals and the royal family milk. What a day.

Chapter 2Edit


I found Pasir and asked him exactly all the questions I wanted to be answered. He said the gods gave us the Catamentals, Ragnos, Nepta, Thezon and Akir and he was created someone called Cristal Bulk. She was great serving Felinia like I did but she suddenly disappeared and no one could find her. So I need to find this Cristal Bulk so I can find how to create more Catamentals. This Skill will be extremely useful considering I have so many Ideas. So I need to establish a base that is no were near home. I will establish a base in Goldsburg it’s a small town but it’s got everything.


Today I went to the Goldsburg library. The building is fairly new; Goldsburg looks pretty wealthy for a small town. I sat down on the bean bag. That feeling of someone is going to find me creeps the hell out of me, I am miles from home. These two girls sat down next to me. One girl said that last weekend she visited her mum at the mental hospital in Melbourne and there was this chick in her twenties called Cristal Bulk who was making up this Felinia “!@#$”. I won’t write any swear words in this book. So tomorrow I will go to the Melbourne mental hospital, that’s if I can find it. When I got back to Felinia I called all the Catamentals to the king's chambers. I told them were Cristal was. Everyone had a shock when I told them that Cristal was still alive and she is. I told them was planning on going back tomorrow but the king said I should go with the Catamentals. Honestly that might make things a little more difficult. I may be wrong but I guess we will see what happens I am now I Melbourne and I have found the mental hospital and the Catamentals. I go in and the Catamentals hide. Go up to Pasir I tell to stay as still as a statue. I’d admit he did a good job at that, I didn't move I single muscle. I say to the lady at the desk “I want to see my cousin Cristal Bulk so I can show her something I made” She gives me a frown but lets me in, barely. Pasir showed me who Cristal was. She was an 18 year old with blonde hair, kind of attractive. And I take him up to her. I say to her "you herd of Felinia." She replies "I need to get back there urgently. I say come with me." We sneak out with another family so we wouldn’t get noticed. I think we just barely made it. Then I get the Catamentals to make sure no one following. I fact I think they noticed us so we ran in the alley ways. We tried to be as stealthy as possible. I give Cristal some normal clothes to get changed in, to decrease the chances of getting caught. It takes her a few seconds. Suddenly we hear a "Hey what do you think you’re doing!” Cristal runs inside one of the buildings that was at a dead end. I use my enhanced Parkour powers to wall climb. When I get up the top Cristal burst out a door next to me. A security guard follows her out. I throw him of the edge. He lands on the other witness. I think they are both dead.


Cristal got a huge welcome back yesterday and got re-spayed with that liquid that gives your cat powers and only cats can smell. Cristal is going to teach me how to create Catamentals. She created plant Catamental and I named it Vinus. I made a tech Catamental, it could be robo cat. I named him Nexus. I also created an ice Catamental and I named it Freza. That was honestly a creative name that sounds traditional. Cristal created a lightning Catamental and named it Strikus. I created the last one, which was an undead Catamental and named it Skelos. So now there are ten Catamentals- Ragnos, Nepta, Thezon, Akir, Pasir, Vinus, Nexus, Freza, Strikus and Skelos. I forgot to mention that Vinus is a female.


It turns out there is an eleventh and twelfth Catamental. Number eleven is a shadow Catamental called Darkus and number twelve is a titan Catamental Titus. Worst of all they are both evil. I discovered that when we went for a run with the new Catamentals. We had an encounter with the two today. Gee they were strong, I think I am luck I am still alive. Darkus was bested today; Strikus strikes him on the head with lightning instantly knocking out him. Now just Titus. Titus looks like a humanoid with his gigantic cat head. Now it was more like Titus bested us. 24/5/13 Darkus was laid on the table. Cristal says that there is a way to change a Catamentals way by erasing there memory. So I asked how to do that. Cristal said that Strikus did that yesterday. Zap him in the head, makes sense at least considering, it looks like any form of electricity will do. Darkus woke up at noon but chose Cristal as his master. I would have loved it if I could be Darkus’s master. Freza said that he is concerned that when Darkus gains back his memory he will seduce Cristal into being evil

Chapter 3Edit


I think Freza is right Cristal is gone and so is Darkus. All this time I forgot to mention Felinia’s crafter Hefelistus. He made me an awesome sword that glows green. I will go alone. The hardest part is Freza was right. Darkus is no mind controller. Instead of encountering Cristal I encounter Titus. First we had I little conversation Me: You again Titus: I Thought I killed you Me: Well you didn’t and the Catamentals are still alive Titus: Yes I can tell I can hear them screaming Me: What, you lie Titus. Titus: No you saved the wrong person me: Darkus! Titus: Yes Me: I don’t believe that Titus: Face me first me: Alright you Cat-astrophe So we did fight. I ran on his arm and jabbed it a few times, then he tries to squish me like a bug. I manage to hold off and through of his enormous hand. Then with his other hand he grabs me and squished me, I am amazed I survived but I was in a lot of pain. Then he stomps on me. Last of all he says “Flee mortal if you can move”. So I forced myself up limp back to Felinia. I get half way and collapse and I am still will spend the night under shelter.


Nothing interesting to write about yesterday but today I got back to Felinia every one is gone. I encounter Freza; the first thing he asks me is where I have been so I tell him the story. I guess the only reason he believed me was because I was limp and leaning my wait on a stick. He tells me Cristal and Darkus went out for a run and only Darkus return so the Catamentals went out to find her and Cristal was dead then when we got back Darkus had killed the Queen. King Felon was really angry with my absence. I told him I was almost killed. He said I may want to wait before heading back into the battle field. I wanted to say I was looking for Cristal but I was afraid that would make things worse.


I drink a healing potion given to me by the Alchemist. There are some I really just haven’t mentioned or forget to mention. Today I went back to Goldsburg I got seen by an old friend who mentioned that she thought I was dead. I pretended that I had no idea who she was but she didn’t fall for it. She got angry and called my parents


Mum was pretty angry with me for faking my death. I was grounded for a year and now just have a mattress on the floor. I was forced to help dad with heavy lifting. I didn’t know that the healing potion was temporary and I collapsed as soon as I dropped and bag of concrete. Mum seems pretty confused. She is wondering I am still here when my body was burned right after the funeral. Dad soon realized that I was pretty hurt and called an ambulance. So I am spending a night in the hospital. I got a visit from the cat Prince he said “King Felon Wants you back at Felinia” So I say “I have two authorities and they both want me following two different paths”. He gave me a healing potion and I make a run for it. I use my enhanced skill to run, volt, jump, scale etc. I enter the stairs room and I am pretty sure someone followed me in there. It was a square spiral stair case. To jump up the flights of stairs pretty quickly. About three quarters of the way up I hear a big boom and when I get to the top I see Titus. I didn’t have my sword on me. Then I see the cat prince and he is carrying my sword. I realize I need to kill Titus from the inside so I jump and stab his jaw. He grabs me but doesn’t crush me he puts me on the hospital roof and says “You don’t have to worry about this two authorities thing because I killed your whole family including relatives as they gather to see you” Man he is evil. Jump and stab his jaw again then climb into his mouth. Soon I emerge from his stomach and he collapses. When I got back to the cats dimension I see Cristal’s dead body and Darkus’s body too but further down the hill. So this means whoever killed the queen did it when no one was around.

Chapter 4Edit


I told king felon about what I saw and showed him proof and the first word he said was giants. I think this is where this never ending story turns back to the giants. King Felon said the giants are to blame. That is the only other enemy I know, for now. Titus lied about killing my family so now I am in bigger trouble now. Hefelistus has made me a tablet I need to swallow to teleport back the alchemist’s chamber whenever I die. School was the worst everyone was crowding me saying how they thought I was dead. A kid tried to bash me. That one really backfired on that kid. One punch knocked him out. So then this big fight breaks out I even think my big sister Amber got into it. Another kid tried to threaten me with a knife. So I grabbed the knife made it look like he was actually stabbing me. Before I know it I am back in the Alchemist’s chamber.


I went out with the Catamentals and had an encounter with the Giants in their home base. It looks like there are as much humans as there are giants in this kingdom. They look muscular. I thought no deal. Then I knew I had to do it. Ragnos burns some humans in the face. Thezon takes down the gates summoning rocks to throw at it Nexus shoots some Giants with his back turret. Nepta drowns some giants and humans with from above. Vinus suffocates some humans with her vines. With the Catamentals distracting the Giants and Humans I went in the main palace. The giants’ king was a human and the king had five body guards. He started talking to me. KING: Who may this young boy be? ME: Thomas KING: Are you that pesky brother Amber was talking about. ME: What!!! How did the King know Amber? Was that why she tried to get in the fight. That means I would have died either way. KING: You heard me ME: How? KING: She followed you into this dimension. You found Felinia, She found the giants. ME: I am confused KING: That day at school. When you faked suicide, when you were in that fight. You would have died any way. Amber was sent to kill you. ME: I can’t die I will go straight back to Felinia. KING: Yes you can. You have been reincarnated in an identical body. We believe it makes us weaker. ME: I don’t feel any weaker. KING: I know there is something in you I know it. ME: Introduce me to your body guards KING: Very well. First one Belu, guard of super speed, Second one Ellowy, guard of strength, Third one Iknyp, she controls telepathy and ghost powers, Forth one Ehit who can teleport and the Last one Der who has telekinesis. And I forgot to mention my name, King Agnint I was about to say “Fancy Names” but was interrupted by a loud noise. I think it was an Explosion. KING AGNINT: Check that out, Belu deal with Thomas. Belu Grabs me and drags me all over the chamber until I finally break free. King Agnint sits and watches. I jump up to a high point and hang there. Belu climbs up and tries knocking me down. I manage to kick him down and I jump down and land on his head. He falls down to the ground. He swiftly gets up and starts running, I chase him. He gets out the door and decides whether the next door will be left of right I tackle him and push him over the barrier and we both fall for something like 200-300 meters. We both land and I a courtyard he gets up and I grab out my sword and amputate his left leg. Belu screams in pain. Then I amputate his right leg. Then I do the finishing move I stab him in the chest.


Even though we didn’t smite the giants’ kingdom, we did learn some valuable information, like how amber was working for the giants. I now hate her even more for that. She has a dirty mind and likes anime. I’m guessing if someone stomped on her foot she would say yoai, I think that is how you spell it. All the Catamentals wanted to celebrate but I just wasn’t in the mood for it. How could you be in the mood when you know your own blood betrayed you? I hear something from the front gate that gets me curious I assume the Catamentals are also curious. When I get up to the front gate it explodes

Chapter 5Edit


I hear something from the front gate that gets me curious I assume the Catamentals are also curious. When I get up to the front gate it explodes. The over-muscular figure Ellowy. So he comes here to fight. I get my sword and face him. When I get there he has grown three times his size. Amber is with him. AMBER: I hear you are in loads of trouble with mum ME: Should I care AMBER: Mum doesn’t want you anymore. ME: I am happy here AMBER: Then have fun getting killed *Laughs* Amber walks off ELLOWY: You will die!!!!!!!!!! Ellowy tries smashing me. I dodge. He starts chasing me. While I’m doing skilled parkour Ellowy is smashing though everything. I need a game plan. I try taking out his left hand. Success. I would admit it is hard to fight in a narrow hallway. I start hacking at his other hand until it falls off. He is practically helpless without his fist. So then I stab in the face as a finishing blow. I see amber kidnapping the Catamentals, I try chasing after her but I was too slow, I failed them


I saw amber with king Agnint walk across the baron deserts of Felinia, Iknyp, Ehit and Der with them. I am determined to get the Catamentals back. None of them appear to have the Catamentals. They must be in their lair. I feel myself going insane now, determination to win, like in making a villain of myself. This situation is stressful. I look above a massive floating city. I confront Agnint. I say “where are the Catamentals”. Amber says “on the floating ruins”. I get out my sword. Amber and Agnint stand around me. I swing my sword backwards swiftly, I just decapitated Agnint. Iknyp and Ehit run towards me but are both killed by a giant cat hand suddenly emerging from the sand. TITUS!! I thought I killed him. He still had that giant wound on his stomach. Titus tries to smash Der, But Der uses his telekinesis to force hand off and I sneak up on Der and stab him up the back. Der forces me and my sword away. I land on the sand the sword that comes flying towards cuts my arm when it lands. Them this is where it all starts to back fire. Titus amputates my left leg but only half of it. Then he drains me of all my magic given to me by king felon. I let out a big cry of pain. He leaves me jumps up and destroys the floating city that the Catamentals are in killing Titus in the explosion. No, the Catamentals all dead. I feel like I let them down.


The cat prince me a robotic leg and made it look like. Amber ambushes and I punch her in the face and then I retreat to get my sword. Then I try swinging the sword at amber. Amber grabs the Cat prince and rips his head off. I tackle Amber into the Portal. Now the final battle starts. I am in my hometown on Johnson Street and it is night, I see Mum, Dad, Ally and Lily. Amber punches and takes his gun and then shoots Dad, Amber then aims the gun at me. I pick up my sword and stab her in the chest and drive the sword into the road. Police are surrounding us. One yells “Open fire” and before I know it I feel a sharp pain, then I realize I have been shot…

Chapter 6Edit


I just found this dairy lying around; I didn’t know I still had it. Better start updating, first the giants rescued Amber who is now 26 when she was dying and she survived. Without Agnint or the five guards the actual giants drove out the humans and the giants formed a truce that still remains active today. Amber was the only human that was allowed to stay in the giants kingdom but she chose to come to Felinia. The giants said she was allowed to come back if she wanted to. Cristal was defiantly a goner and Darkus was to. When I thought Titus drained the magic out of me he actually failed to do so. So when I was shot by the police I found myself in the alchemist’s chamber. I misplaced my diary and only just found it today. I found out Mum just died. Ally, who is now 17 and Lily, who is now 13 were taken to Felinia and came to live with me and Amber. I only just found out I have a little brother called Ethan who is now 7.


I just found out something significant to write about. This may be a little short but King Felon’s army has discovered more dimensions, I can’t remember all of them but I saw a dog’s dimension. To think of it this could start a war. Feline Kingdom VS Canine Kingdom