Developer(s) Namco Bandai, Bungie
Publisher(s) Namco Bandai
Genre Action, Fighting
Platforms Playstation 4, Xbox ONE
Series Fairy Tail
Predecessor N/A
 Fairy Tail: Fighting Fairies (フェアリーテール:ファイティング妖精, Fearītēru: Faitingu yōsei) is a fighting game that uses the anime series, Fairy Tail. The game invovles the members of the guild, Fairy Tail and other guilds all in a war for the legendary treasure, Fairy's Song. 


The game plays similar to the Injustice game, featuring a 2.5D fighting mode, yet with 3D graphics but are featured in a 2D way. The game also has certain features, such as changing the fights to Sprite Mode or 3D Mode, though the default is 3D Mode. 


Long ago, a legendary treasure called the Fairy's Song appeared, attracting mercenaries, treasure hunters and a lot more. It's power was great, allowing the user to get whatever wish he wanted by playing the flute. But a war happened, causing deaths and more, which made the Magic Council into burying the treasure deep down. 

But after several years later, the treasure rose again and criminals from all over tried to get the treasure. It's up to Fairy Tail and all the other guilds aligned with the good to stop these criminals from getting whatever wish they want.

For more information about the Story Mode, which will be made into a fanfiction, click here:Search for the Fairy's Song


There are multiple playable characters, each who have their own special moveset that differ them from one another. This invovles different combos and different strengths! There is a total of __ playable characters.



Locations are areas in which players fight. Each location has their own features, such as a different platform, different objects to interact and of course, different design. There is a total of __ locations.


  • The phrase "Fighting Fairies" refers to "Fairies" that fight, not fighting against fairies.

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