Everything is game made by me.It's crossover game about Fnaf,T.U.FF,Sonic,Mario,Crash,Pokemon,Spatloon,Super Mario and Memes and other stuff.


Name:Super Mario
Universe:Super Mario Bros
Abbility:He's the fastest character in the game.Also he strong.
Special Attack: 4 Fire ball or 5 fire balls
Name:Freddy Fazbear
Universe:Five nights at Freddy's
Abbility:He very sneaky.
Special Attack:Loud Scream
Name:Dudley Puppy
Universe:Tuff Puppy
Abbility:He slow but he can shot by his laser gun.
Special Attack:Super Kick
Name:Sonic the hedgehog
Abbility:He's the fastest character too but he not strong
Universe:Sonic the hedgehog
Special Attack:Spin ball


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