Escape from Atlantis! is a video game made by Fantendo, and is set to be released on Nontober 0, 0000 in Yourtown, USA. This game features Bubbles, a determined bubble creature who desperately wants to run away from the city of Atlantis.

Story Edit

A few months ago, Bubble's parents took Bubble to spend a week in Atlantis. However, they didn't have enough money for the ride home, so they traded Bubbles for enough money to go back home. Bubbles was then sent to the Kingdom of Atlantis, where it was enslaved. After a few months of cleaning the castle, and doing other chores for the Atlantis King, Tenteclese, Tenteclese forced Bubbles to work as a paperboy, delivering newspapers all over the city. On one of his trips, Bubbles decides to run away from Atlantis, back to its parents who had abandoned him.

Chapters Edit

  1. The Newsboy
  2. Returning to Atlantis
  3. The Dangerous Escape