Emerald Prism is the main character of Spectrum Knights and one of the 49 daughters of the Prism Family. She's the playable character on the first series.


  • Age = 23 - 7th of the 2nd Generation
  • Height = 5"10
  • Hair Style = Straight, Ponytail, Bangs that turn left
  • Breast Size = 34D
  • Butt Size = S
  • Hair Color = Green
  • GemHeart (Gemstone) = Emerald
  • Elemental Color = Green


Emerald Prism has a trustworthy personality. She'll always be honest and trustful to people. However, she doesn't like people who aren't trustful.



Emerald was the 24th child that was turned a gem into a newborn.

When Emerald discovers her power of wind, she runs a lot with super speed. However, she does cry when she trip and hurt herself.

Before CareerEdit

When Emerald is in her teenage years, her family discovered that she has a sweet tooth which explains she been eating more deserts since 10. The only desserts that she ate with her sweet tooth is cakes, milkshakes, and ice cream.

When she's 15 years old, she went to her favorite cake shop called "Sweet Lands" where they have some delicious cakes. There, she met Lily Jackson who is the same age and went to the same school as Emerald. She said that her grandmother opens this shop for many years. However sadly, it's going to shut in the next couple years because they don't have enough money to save it.

Emerald was sad because, she love this shop so much. So after graduation in high school, she take baking class in culinary school.

After CareerEdit

Emerald is now a culinary chef for Sweet Lands. Being in the royal family when Emerald got the job, it got so many attentions that got lots of money to save the shop. Also, they even love her baking.

Lily, who is now the owner of the shop, was so proud and happy that she helped her grandmother's shop.

Spectrum Knight FormEdit

  • Spirit Animal = Eagle
  • Weapon = Talons
  • Type = Slasher

Emerald is one of the Green Spectrum Knights. By having the spirit of the Eagle, she has the power of wind and used the ability of speed.

List of Emerald's PowersEdit

  • Cyclone Spin - Attack type. Turn vertical in mid-air and spin straight to your enemies.
  • Typhoon Blast - Saboteur type. Slash to create a big wind to push out enemies.
  • Falcon Rush - Support type. Increase speed with the aura of wind.
  • Grant of Aero - Defense and Support type. Give your allies speed boost and wind shields.
  • Emerald Storm - Attack type. Shoot multiple green slashes of wind to your enemies.

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