Emera Dandara is a spy-detective of the Gear Tech and the member of the Seeker Gear Clan.


Emera was born with a family of spies. She and her family were the 2nd Ranked spies in Gearopolis.

But, there's one mission that caused her family. And that's where her family dies. The only family member that survived is her and her older sister. After that, she and her sister quit being spies and have a normal life.

Years later, her sister becomes a Captain Ranked police officer. She then forced Emera to go to a detective school but, Emera doesn't want to cause she wants a normal life. Yet, she gives up and entered Sharlock Detective Academy where she met Kenny and Jerome.

After the Wind-Up Rebellion, she and Jerome are the first members that join Kenny's upcoming organization. Gear Tech.


Emera was very sensitive and calm, yet a little friendly. She has the mother-liked persona that she has to take care of her members, including Kenny due to his childish personality. She also has fears on arsons which happens to her family. Whenever she saw a building or a house explosed, she can see images in her head about her family screamingly to death.


Emera has light brown, curly, short hair that ends to her shoulders. She wears glasses, white long-sleeves shirt inside, a brown corset with gold decorations, a brown bustle skirt, and a dark brown leathered high heels.


Being a former spy, she can find a suspect's identity. She's very quick in battles and very fast in chasing.


  • Identity Scanning Goggles
  • Moonstone Kunai
  • Quicktser Boots

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