Ecco the Dolphin and the Shatter Seas of Time is a reboot of Ecco the Dolphin. This time Ecco must find the shatter crystals of time and space to prenvet the aliens threat from reawaking Cutlul.


Thousands of years ago the great mighty Chultul threathen the entire world. The dolphins tried thier best they even team up with humans but try as they might they were unsucssful which resulted in the sinking of Atlantis. But the Alantieans gave the dolphians one last hope a sentiant crystal with the crystal he inprsiomed Chultul foever in the neither zone. The tales were pass down by dolphins for centuries. This is told by Ecco at the begnning of the game. Then he travels with his pod his pod tells him that a group of seagulls are scaring away the fish. So Ecco use his spin attack to fend off the seagulls but it too late all the gulls sacre away the fishes. But Ecco pod tells him to get the school of fish back to the pod by using the song of fishes. After Ecco finds the fish he uses the song of fishes to gather for the dolphins. However there is one fish that seems odd it turns out to be a robot disguse as a fish built by humans to study the dolphins.