Also known as DE
Developer(s) Kage-Crafts
Manufacturer(s) Kage-Crafts
Console Type Home Console
Release Date E1 2016
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Price Uncertain
 The Dusk Emblem is a home console made by Shirou Hozukawa, released on E1 2016. It was developed by the company, Kage-Crafts, also being known as the manufacturer for it.


Graphics are completely HD, quite similar to the Wii U. However, the flaw of the graphics being full HD include it needing to have nearby internet. If there is no internet, a rare chance is that your screen will be full of scanlines, making it hard to play any games you desire. 

Console AppearanceEdit

The appearance of the console is of a round circular device, similar to the shape of a Power of Portal. A game disc is inserted through the top, which opens through a button at the front. At the back, a power button is inputed through the design of a shield, glowing green when on and glowing red when off.


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