Dragon Master
Developer(s) Fifth Demon Studios
Publisher(s) Fifth Demon Studios
Ratings G
Platforms IOS
Dragon Master is a game created by Inferno999.


Dragon Master is a game where you must own a dragon, and grow him into a great beast, while also collecting other dragons during your journey, and breeding even more!


  • You - Ranged

Dragon TypeEdit

  • Fire
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Time
  • Magic
  • Metal
  • Plant
  • Darkness
  • Light


Breeding Combos

Pyron Fire

Cealum Air Lapise Earth Aquiole Water Gelus  Ice Fulgo Lightning Secula Time Cantame Magic Chalus Metal Folium Plant Tebrus Darkness Lychna Light
Pyron Fire Aduros Scorch Fumas Smoke Torros Volcano Halitus Cloud Tabescus Melting

Navita Energy

Favilla Ashes Maledicta Curse Camino Forge Saltus Bushfire Timoro Fear Solaris Sun
Cealum Air Fumas Smoke Tempell Hurricane Harema Sand Plovor Rain Ninguis Snow Procella Storm Turoba Tornado Ephobra Youth

Stympha Steel

Blachon Fern Lunaris Moon Halysis Angel
Lapise Earth Torros Volcano Harema Sand Sobria Continent Lutoros Mud Collis Mountain Vitra Glass Scopola Fossil Creta Clay Ferra Iron Arbora Tree Antros Cave Cryseos Gold
Aquiole Water Halitus Cloud Plovor Rain Lutoros Mud Mareos Ocean Glacias Glacier Volgara Plasma Peror Drift Ephoros Fountain Argenta Silver Paluda Swamp Altona Deep Specolus Mirror
Gelus  Ice Tabescus Melting Ninguis Snow Collis Mountain Glacias Glacier Praus Frostbite Grandesta Hail Atata Ice Age Testara Crystal Specus Mine Inalpa Alpine Cinaris Ruins Borea Aurora
Fulgo Lightning Navita Energy Procella Storm Vitra Glass Volgara Plasma Grandesta Hail Colisa Shock
Secula Time
Cantame Magic
Chalus Metal
Folium Plant
Tebrus Darkness
Lychna Light

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