Donkey Kong is a veteran character returning in Super Smash Bros. Rumble. This is his fifth appearance in Super Smash Bros., not counting Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. He has been buffed in many ways since Wii U/3DS. 

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Rumble
DK Symbol
Universe Donkey Kong
Availability Starter
Tier TBD


Donkey Kong has had his fair share of adventures, all of which he's kicked some tail in. Now he's back for more Smash, and he is one animal you do NOT want to provoke.

Abilities & Strategy

Donkey Kong is still a heavy character, though he is notably one of the more agile ones, especially considering his size. He relies on getting in close to juggle opponents with up tilts, up airs, and neutral airs. Back air is solid for spacing and edge-guarding due to its low lag time and brisk start-up. 


  • Decent combo game
  • Reliable kill moves
  • Grab combos and kill throw


  • Average recovery
  • Heavy weight allows for long combos
  • Below-average neutral game

Changes From Smash Wii U/3DS

Overall, Donkey Kong has been significantly buffed from his previous appearances. Much of his lag in general has been toned down to the point where he has options he simply didn't before. His aerials are a much safer option in many situations and his specials are more potent, for example, whereas in Wii U/3DS, most of these moves were simply too laggy to rely on in most cases, and his heavy weight made him easy to combo for the majority of the lighter cast.

His design and play style is more reminiscent of that of the Donkey Kong Country series, particularly Tropical Freeze.


  • Notice His fur is now smoother and more tame. It's slightly more chocolate-y in color.
  • Buff His size has been decreased, shrinking his hurtbox and making him a smaller target overall with no noticeable nerfs to his range.

Ground Attacks

  • Buff Dash attack now rolls off of ledges and grants Donkey Kong an extra jump as well.
    • Buff In addition, the animation is sped up, and the endlag is decreased.

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