Coming Soon......


1. This game is a fighting-game that can use characters from both Disney and Nickelodeon.

2. Players can use 3 characters.

3. There is no rounds. To win the fight, you must eliminate 3 fighters.

4. The game will have cartoon characters and real-life characters.

5. Although it's a fighting game, it has a special story.

6. The plot has 3 parts in one.

7. The first part of the plot is about a dark dimension king, Rugos. He created 2 portals to conquer all worlds. What happens is that all the worlds became disaster.

8. The second part of the plot is that characters from seperate sections collide together. Each section must know who's responsible so they battle each other starting the Two Dimensional War. Mickey is the leader for Disney and Spongebob is the leader for Nickelodeon.

9. The third part of the plot is about the two martial art clans. Raigoku, representing the Cyan Sapphire Dragon and Ryugeki, representing the Red Ruby Dragon. Raigoku and Ryugeki have been friendly-rivals for so many years. Although, few of their members has a something with Rugos.

10. Raigoku teaming with Disney and Ryugeki teaming with Nickelodeon.

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