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Disney Channel XD Smash Zone Box Art
The game's box art.
Developer(s) Avalanche Software
Papaya Studios
Publisher(s) Disney Interactive
Zexal Studio
Genre Platformer
Modes Story Mode, Smash Zone, Classic Mode, Options, Vault, Scrooge McDuck's Fighter Shop
Ratings T (for Teen): Cartoon Violence
Mild Language
Crude Humor
Sexual Themes
Comic Mischief
Animated Blood
Platforms Wii
Wii U
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Nintendo 3DS
Mac OS X
Disney Channel XD Smash Zone is a fan-made multi-franchise crossover fighting game made by Rainbow Diamond Wisp (CouyZ). It features characters from 12 "Disney Channel Original Series", 4 "Disney XD Original Series", 2 Disney Afternoon cartoon shows, a Disney Junior show and 4 "Disney Channel Original Movies".


This game is in the style of Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion (mostly the XL edition), and it's mainly because of the modes, the stages and a cast of playable characters that originate on TV (except for the Mickey trio and the version exclusives). The title screen, menu screens and the character select screen is made in the style of the Disney Channel bumpers. The live action characters are modeled in the style of the Disney movies and the Disney VIP doll line. The game's graphics and colors are in the style of the Skylanders games and the Super Smash Bros. games.


NOTE: The controls are ordered by the seven colors of the rainbow.

Playable FightersEdit

Click here to see the game's cast of playable characters.


The stages are often called themes and they are named after their universes, except for the first theme.

  1. Training (No, it's not a TV show on Disney Channel, Disney XD or Disney Junior, it's just the Battlefield (from Super Smash Bros.) of this game.)
  2. Mickey Mouse
  3. Darkwing Duck
  4. American Dragon: Jake Long
  5. Hannah Montana
  6. Phineas & Ferb
  7. Wizards of Waverly Place
  8. Suite Life on Deck
  9. Sonny w/ A Chance
  10. Kick Buttowski
  11. Hannah Montana Forever
  12. Phineas & Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension
  13. Gravity Falls
  14. Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
  15. The Wizards Return: Alex VS Alex
  16. Wander Over Yonder
  17. Zapped
  18. Girl Meets World
  19. Penn Zero: Part Time Hero
  20. Star VS The Forces of Evil
  21. Best Friends Whenever
  22. Invisible Sister
  23. The Lion Guard
  24. Fangbone
  25. Milo Murphy's Law

Version Exclusive ThemesEdit

  • Wii: Super Mario Galaxy
  • Wii U/Nintendo 3DS: Yo-Kai Watch
  • Xbox One: Scaler
  • PlayStation 4: Ratchet & Clank
  • Microsoft Windows: Windows XP
  • OS X: (theme of the same name)
  • Linux: Super Tux
  • Ubuntu: (theme of the same name)

Other CharactersEdit

These are characters you cannot play as in the game.

Assist CharactersEdit

These are characters that you can summon with the summoning button. Each of them are summoned by one fighter at a time in battle just like how Special Attacks are performed.

  1. Pluto (Traditional Disney) - Battle Partners: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy
  2. Huey, Dewey and Louie (DuckTales) - Battle Partners: Darkwing Duck, Bonkers
  3. Jackson Stewart (Hannah Montana) - Battle Partners: Miley Stewart, Hannah Montana, Lily Truscott, Lola Lafonda
  4. Buford (Phineas & Ferb) - Battle Partners: Phineas Flynn, Ferb Fletcher
  5. Max Russo (Wizards of Waverly Place) - Battle Partner: Alex Russo
  6. London Tipton (Suite Life on Deck) - Battle Partners: Zack Martin, Cody Martin
  7. Cece & Rocky (Shake It Up) - Battle Partners: Lizzie McGuire, Sonny Munroe, Kick Buttowski (Wii/PS4 only)
  8. 2nd Dimension Candace (Phineas & Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension) - Battle Partners: Agent P, 2nd Dimension Phineas
  9. Soos (Gravity Falls) - Battle Partners: Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Wander, Sylvia
  10. Commander Peepers (Wander Over Yonder) - Battle Partners: Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Bill Cipher, Evil Alex, Lord Dominator, Ludo
  11. The Tripp (Zapped) - Battle Partners: Jake Long, Zoey Stevens, Sabelle, Fangbone
  12. Boone (Penn Zero: Part Time Hero) - Battle Partner: Penn Zero
  13. Jackie Lynn-Thomas (Star VS The Forces of Evil) - Battle Partners: Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz
  14. Diesel (Best Friends Whenever) - Battle Partners: Riley Matthews, Maya Hart, Cyd, Shelby
  15. Molly Eastman (Invisible Sister) - Battle Partners: Cleo Eastman, Milo Murphy
  16. Bunga (The Lion Guard) - Battle Partner: Kion
  17. Pac-Man (Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures;not on Wii or PS4) - Battle Partner: Kick Buttowski

Version ExclusivesEdit

  • Wii: 8-Bit Mario (Super Mario Bros.;Battle Partners: Mario), Galaga (video game of the same name;Battle Partners: Wii Fit Trainer, Mii)
  • Wii U & 3DS: Whipser (Yo-Kai Watch;Battle Partners: Jibanyan, Robonyan, Cheeksqueek), Dark Monita (Nintendo Land;Battle Partner: Mii)
  • Xbox One: Conker the Squirrel (Conker's Bad Fur Day;Battle Partners: Master Chief, Blinx the Cat, Kameo)
  • Xbox One, PS4 & Wii: Tak (Tak and the Power of Juju;Battle Partner: Scaler)
  • PS4: Gill Grunt (Skylanders;Battle Partners: Spyro, Crash Bandicoot), Sly Cooper (video game of the same name;Battle Partner: Ratchet)
  • PC: Luau LePunch (Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack;Battle Partner: Papa Louie), Dio (Grand Chase;Battle Partners: Elesis, Nightmare Freddy Fazbear, Clippy, Papyrus, Tux the Penguin)

Support CharactersEdit

  • Scrooge McDuck: The millionare duck that owns Scrooge McDuck's Fighter Shop.
  • Candace Flynn: Phineas and Ferb's older sister that tried to bust them in the TV series.
  • Fuli: The Fastest animal of the Lion Guard that runs over your opponents.
  • Monsters (Fangbone!): The beastly creatures that are trying to take over Fangbone's world.

Scrapped CharactersEdit

  • Grunkle Stan (Replaced by Evil Alex.)
  • Lola Perez (Kick Buttowski was accidentally removed for her, but was later replaced by that said character.)


  • This fangame marks as a remake of the Disney XD fangames, which the creator used to work on at Game Ideas Wiki.

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