DSU is an Action-Adventure/First Person Shooter/Survival game. It is inspired by ARK: Survival Evolved.

Developer(s) Dragon Studios
Publisher(s) Dragon Studios
Genre Action-Adventure/First Person Shooter/Survival
Platforms Steam, DGS
Series DSU
Predecessor None

Gameplay Edit

The game, as stated before is a hybrid between Action-Adventure, First Person Shooter and Survival. The player has multiple weapons: A bow, a shotgun, a pistol and more. The player can pick up items and craft. They can tame, kill, repel and outwit dinosaurs. You have a stamina, health, food and water bar. The stamina decreases after running and less makes you slower. The health is your life and goes down when you are damaged. The food and water goes down over time and you must eat food and/or drink water. The tamed dinosaurs can be ridden and you can set up servers with other players.

Plot Edit

The only survivor of a plane crash, you awaken with a strange device clipped into your hand. It is unbreakable and guides you on your journey. You find other people as well as dinosaur and other prehistoric creatures on the Island. You have 1 goal: To survive and get of this Island.

Dinosaurs and other Creatures Edit

Key: Dinosaurs with an ! were revealed at the beginning, ones with an $ are unconfirmed

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)!
  • Velociraptor (Raptor)!
  • Triceratops!
  • Ankylosaurus!
  • Pteranodon (Pterosaur)!
  • Sabre Tooth Cat (Sabre Tooth)!
  • Wooly Mammoth!
  • Dimetrodon!
  • Elasmotherium
  • Tylosaurus
  • Elasmosaurus
  • Leaellenasaura
  • Sarchosuchus
  • Deinosuchus
  • Brontoscorpio
  • Albertosaurus
  • Megalodon
  • Archaeopteryx
  • Apatosaurus
  • Troodon
  • Utahraptor

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