Curse of the Dragon Sunset is an RPG by The battle dragon trainer.

Developer(s) Dragon Studios
Publisher(s) Dragon Studios
Genre RPG
Ratings 9/10- IGN
Platforms PC, Mac, DGS
Series Curse of the Dragon Sunset
Predecessor N/A

Gameplay Edit

Like most RPGs, CDS is a game where the player takes on tasks and fights monsters to gain levels and complete the tasks. The game has a complex stat, market and class system. Here it is:

The 12 stats are health, speed, damage, magic, defence, agility, health regen, skill, mining, movement and the last to: Lightness and Darkness.

Health is how many hits a character can endure without dying. Each hit does 1-70 damage, depending on the monster. Speed is how fast the player can move. Damage is how much damage a hit does. Magic is how much damage a special attack does, the higher the magic stat the more powerful it is. Defence is how mu have damage a character resists. One hit point is taken for every defence point when attacked. Agility is the likeliness you will dodge, the higher the level the higher the chance. Health regen is how fast health regens and skill is how much power a skill has. Mining is how fast an item can be mined and movement is how well the player can move around. The final two, Lightness and Darkness are very potent. Once you choose a point for 1 the other is locked. Lightness gives health, decreases attack and does more damage to certain monsters. Darkness gives more damage, decreases health and increases stealth.

The classes are assassin, Mage, archer and warrior. Assasin is a sneaky melee and ranged class, Mage is a ranged magic class, Warrior is a melee class and archer is a ranged class.

Plot Edit

The game starts with the player lying on a beach, then a dragon is seen flying towards the sunrise. The player then is attacked by monsters and then must run to town before he/ she is killed. The intro plays, with the player stating their parents were killed and they set out to find a home but the boat was destroyed by a storm. Two guards then attack the player and they must fight them but are captured and taken to the king. The player explains their story to the king and they are released. The player is then required to go to the fortress and meet the guards who give the player a class. If the player explores they can find a few boosts. The player is then given a wooden weapon of their class. The player is then told to explore the forest where a few dead bodies are found. The player needs to a,eat the king but when he/she returns the castle is in flames and the king is gone. The player finds the royal wizard who tells them to check a cave in the woods.

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