Citrine Prism is the main character of the Spectrum Knights and one of the 49 daughters of the Prism Family. She's the playable character in the first series.


  • Age = 22 - 12th of the 3rd Generation
  • Height = 5"9
  • Hair Style = Curly, Ponytail, Short Curly Bangs
  • Hair Color = Yellow
  • Breast Size = 34C
  • Butt Size = S
  • GemHeart (Gemstone) = Citrine
  • Elemental Color = Yellow


Citrine Prism has a both kind-hearted and childish personality. Her childish manner makes people happy, including kids.



Citrine was the 46th child that was turned a gem into a newborn.

She's the one of the daughter who is very playful. She likes to make people smile. When an adult see her with her innocent face, their hearts melted in a second.

Before CareerEdit

When Citrine is in 9th grade, she visited her old elementary school. Morris Heights. It was her favorite 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Layla, last day. Citrine was very sad to see her favorite teacher retiring.

So, she decided to help her out. She tries to help kids to learn, be more interactive, and play with them. With her childish persona, the kids starting to like her.

At the end when school's finished, Citrine was sad to see Ms. Layla gone. But, Ms. Layla saw her what she's doing and said that Citrine will be a good teacher someday. Citrine smiled as made her promise that she'll be like a teacher like Ms. Layla.

After CareerEdit

Citrine is now a 2nd grade teacher in Morris Heights, her former elementary school. With her promise for Ms. Layla, she become the best teacher in school.

She likes to cheer up kids when they're down, play with them, and help them to become more educated. All the kids in any grade loves her because she's nice and fun.

Spectrum Knight FormEdit

  • Spirit Animal = Unicorn
  • Weapon = Lance & Shield
  • Type = Arcane

Citrine is one of the yellow spectrum knights. With the spirit of the unicorn, he can give support and heal her allies.

List of Citrine's PowersEdit

  • Light Guardian - Defense type. Can use it's shield and create a light shield.
  • Lance Charge - Attack type. Charge at enemies with the lance.
  • Giving Light - Healing type. Summon lights to heal themselve and their allies.
  • Unicorn's Touch - Healing type. When your allies' down, heal them til maximum.
  • Holy Savoir - Support type. Give your allies defense boost.

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