Cartoon network pte2 is a game that is developed by Bandai Namco and published by Outright games.The game will be on PlayStation Vita and the XL versions will be on the Nintendo Switch ,Xbox one, and PS4 . the game also be released in June 2021 for the PlayStation Vita, and November for the consuls 


All you need to know is that this takes place after the 2 years after the events in punch time explosion . So the story starts from space ghost watching cartoon network once again It's only been a year and he's been watching other channels like boomerang , first so he watches his Ben 10 Omniverse we start from malware armor getting off villgax that he used him to try to take over the universe and take the the Omni tricks last time we saw him in Omniverse. the malware armor becomes malware once again escaping the clutches of villgax after traveling on the moon he found a TV remote. he took over the TV remote  and now It becomes him. One of new powers uses his powers now to travel to distant dimensions and time it self . Malware realize now instead of taking over one universe why not take over the multi-verse . But in order to do so he must need an army of the worst of the worst  So now with his newfound powers malware travel to new dimensions and time traveling kidnapping the worst bad guys  in other  universe and mind controlling them including Mojo JoJo, Father, Aku, (Villgax from alien force and ultimate alie ), Nemesis ,Nrgal jr, and Rob . He used them to take over the Multiverse .


The gameplay will be more or less exactly the same as the original punch time explosion just there's only a few tweaks 

Characters :

Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup and Mojo jojo from The Powerpuff Girls

Ben Tennyson ( heat blast , xlr8 , Wildvine cannonbolt and four arms ) from Ben 10 2005

Gumball, and rob from The amazing world of gumball

Ben Tennyson ( Feedback, Crash hopper, Chrmastone, Goop and Atomics ) ,Rook, and Malware from Ben 10 Omniverse 

Ed Edd and Eddie  from Ed Edd n Eddie 

Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show 

Ben Tennyson( Swampfire big chill humongousore and amphibian) ,and villgax from Ben 10 ultimate alien 

Steven from Steven Universe 

Dexter , and Man dark from Dexter's Laboratory 

Billy and Mandy , Grim, and Nrgal jr from The grim adventure of Billy and Mandy

Mac and bloo ,and Nemesis from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends 

Number one ,Father from Codename kids next door 

Flapjack and Cap Konknuckles from Marvelous misadventures of flapjack 

Chowder from Chowder 

Samurai Jack ,and Aku from Samurai Jack 

Johnny from Johnny bravo 

Lego guests stars :

Lloyd from Ninjago 

Unkity from Unkity 

Xl characters

Rex from Generator Rex

Fin and Jake, and Marceline from adventure time

Clearance from clearance

Grizz Panda and Ice bear from we bear bears 

Ok from OK KO let's be heroes

Craig from Craig of the creek