Cartoon Network All Stars
Developer(s) Sony Computer Entertainment (PS4 & Vita)

2K Games

Publisher(s) Cartoon Network Interactive

Electronic Arts

Release Date November 2
Genre Action-adventure


Modes Multiplayer

Single Player

Platforms Wii U
PlayStation 4
Xbox One

New Nintendo 3DS
PlayStation Vita

Media PlayStation Vita & New Nintendo 3DS cartridge, PS4, Wii U, & Xbox ONE Blu-ray

Cartoon Network All Stars is a 3D platform Action-Adventure Crossover Fighting video game Devoloped by Sony Computer Entertainment (PS4 and Vita) & 2K Games and Published by Cartoon Network Interactive, Activision & EA Games


Cartoon Network All Stars is simular than Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion. It's has 30 world, 80 mini games 90 characters, and 120 badges.


A villan


New Nintendo 3DS

3DS A Button
A Button Jump ( Hold for long Jump)
3DS B Button
B Button Attack
3DS X Button
X Button Use items
3DS Y Button
Y Button Look backwards
3DS R Button
R Button Special Move
3DS L Button
L Button Trick
3DS D-Pad
Control Pad Switch to 1st person mode
Circle Pad Move
Select Button Options Menu
Start Button

Pause Menu

Stylus Switch map view
N/a Microphone Chat
File:25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-A.png
A Button Jump ( Hold for long Jump)
File:25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-B.png
B Button Attack
X Button
Y Button
R Button
File:25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-L.png
L Button
File:25px-ButtonIcon-Wii U-D-Pad.png
Control Stick
ZR Button
ZL Button Select Weapon
+ Button

Pause Menu

Zoom in (Hold)

Home Button Main Menu
- Button

Option Menu

Zoom out (Hold)

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