Opening: Cartoon Network in TroubleEdit

(Shows Warner Bros Pictures Logo)

(Shows Cartoon Network Theater Bumper With Newer Characters)

Narrator: Last Week In Never Before Seen Movie When Discover odinary Fest At CN Studios Now In Today is And Invery To Watch Cartoon Network's Storyline A.K.A Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion Storyline Now On The Incino California For Inpresentent Of The CN Fan Club. Draven Jorden

Draven: Hello, it's me, your narrator for the evening. And I thank you very much for purchasing this very video game! A fellow fan of the Cartoon Network, eh? Well, you're in luck! For today... Well, I was going to do a reading of War and Peace...

Draven: But have ya SEEN this book? It's like A GAJILLION PAGES LONG!

Draven: So instead, I just thought we'd just watch some silly cartoons. (Pulls out a remote) So


Draven turns to the television in the room and flicks it on to show the Crystal Gems.

Duke: OOH, Steven Universe! I love this show!

Draven Oh, is this the one guest starring Chowder?

It then reveals Garnet is fighting Vilgax.

Draven: ...HEY, wait a minute here!

Duke: Something doesn't seem right.

Duke changes the channel to the Kids Next Door treehouse with the Gem Warship hovering outside it.

Draven: Ah, Kids Next Door! ...To that GIANT HAND in the sky!

Duke: I don't remember THAT on the show!


Off-Screen Voice: (Clears throat)

Draven: Huh?

Duke: Squak I Know Whats He Doing?

Draven: Oh, the story mode! Now I get it! Boy, is my face cool. (Laughs).

Duke: Well, You Look Funny.

Draven: Well, He Opens the book. let's begin, shall we?

Chapter 1: At Dexter's House/It's Hero Time!/Dexter Meets ChowderEdit


Chapter 2: The Game Store/Beach City Bully/Meet Tom & JerryEdit


Later At Game Store

Chowder: Hello Mr. One Copy Of Grand Theft Auto Please

Game Store Worker: I'm a Sorry Ser That Game Is Rated M

Chowder: Know Problem I Have An Imd

Game Store Worker: This Is A Count Counts 3 Dollars 3 Ancounts Money

Chowder: There's A 3 Counts A Minute For You

Game Store Worker: This Never Happened

Chowder: Oh Ho Ho Wow! Teenagers are so done!

Chapter 3: Rough, Tough, and Powerpuff!/Meet Scooby, Shaggy, Cow and ChickenEdit

Shaggy: Hey Scoob. If There's Something Behind The Grocery Store.

Chapter 4: What Happens in the Park Stays in the Park/Robbie's Stupid Failure.Edit


Robbie: Doh! I Failed

Chapter 6: Lab Rats/Meet The Eds, Courage, Ami And Yumi/Robbie's Secret Plan!Edit


Tom: (He hits the arm) UGH! What The Hell Jerry?

Jerry: Sorry Tom.

Robbie: Muhahahahahaha! This Is Our Plan Without any Nacha!

Chowder, Ami, Yumi, Dexter & The Three Girls Heads Whip back in Shock! Their faces signed of Horror.

Chapter 7: Alien Invasion/Ailen Adventure/Meet Finn, Jake, Mordicai, Rigby, Gumball And DarwinEdit

Chapter 8: Codename: Kids Next Saturday/Attack Of The Monster GodzillaEdit


News Anchor: Good Evening Savasints Space Ghost Chasing Til even Scince Tom The Cat And The Hungry Cat Named Chowder Until The New York Gets Destroyed. Chowder Did You Even Tom Said

Tom: Hi Lemmy im On TV Anyway Im On TV

Godzilla: "ROARS"

Godzilla Destroying The City Still The People Running Plane Gets Booming And Big Chicken Theme From Family Guy Plays

Tom: Anyway Gotta Go!

Chapter 9: Way Of The Samurai/Back At Marzipan/The Game Matress UniverseEdit


Mung Daal: Move It! I Wanna Play Sofitare

Chapter 10: Earthquake!!!!!!!/Back To Marzipan/This Is The End!?/The Final Battle is Begin!Edit


Gumbo: They Made Food Lanturn Magic Mats Hot Dog kombat Ailen invasion and Fluffy fluffy beach powells

(There All Marduring)

Gumbo: (Giggles) Now! If Your Excuse Me!


Gumbo: "He Press The Button" So Long Suckers!!!!!!! "Starts The Earthquake"

(They All Scream Except Ben)

Draven's Head: For It Does Have Be Failled I Have Dis On Oll My An Icetube. "He Cuts It With A Knive And Dies"

Dexter: Marzipan Total Is the Only One That's Holding, Come On Everyone Back To Marzipan

(They All Escape)

Shaggy: Hang on I'll Be Right Back!

Elmer Fudd: Alright This Is A Sword Whille We Get. (Grunts) "It Closes The Door And Kills Him"

Elmer Fudd: Oh Crap!

Chowder: It Stands For WOAH! Thats Fun!

Bubbles: Yeah

Mung Daal: No Chowder. It Stands For What The F""k

Chowder: I'M Gonna Press That Button

Mung Daal: What!!!!!!

Chowder Press The WTF Button

Snhizel: Radda!

Mung Daal: Who Is That Suppost A "Suddenly The World Is Started To Cracking"

Mung Daal: Dude.

Earth Begins Cracking And Earth Turns Glow As Well As People

All: OH NO!!!!!!!!!

Then World Is Exploded And The Heroes Are Floating Except Mung, Courage, Scooby, Shaggy And The Other Marzipan People

Draven: (Voice Over) Oh Man This Is Bad But Wait!

The TV Remote Captures All Of The Heroes and Go Them Into A Black Hole of Death

Duke: (Voice Over) Yikes!!!!!!! Now What's Next

Mung Daal: Chowder What Happened To You!

Chowder: I Don't Know Mung Daal?

Flapjack: If We All Gonna Die Yet??????!

Tom: This Is The End?! Good Bye Shaggy

Shaggy: Good Bye Tom

Blossom: Good Bye Mac. It Was All Gone! If We All Gonna Die!?

Mac: I Know

Scooby: Oh No!

(Record Scratches)

All: REALLY!!!!!!!!!!?????!


Chowder: Did You Mean By That Bloo!

Bloo: I Don't Know Chowder!

It The Black Hole Sucks Into Ring And Then Exploded

Chowder: This Thing Is About To Sucked In

Mojo Jojo: No Way! Mojo Jojo Has Come In To Us?

All The Heroes Are Out Of Energy Ring and Uses Superpowers While All Of People From Marzipan City Were Stand Back

Dexter: Are You Ready For This

Ben: Sure

Dexter: Tom, Jerry, Scooby, Shaggy, Courage, Eds, Johnny, Cow, Chicken And You Guys Stand Back

Tom and Cow: Okay!

Tom, Jerry, Scooby, Shaggy, Courage, Eds, Johnny, Cow, Chicken And The Marzipan People Are Going While Dexter, Finn, Jake, Mordicai, Rigby, The PPG, Mac, Bloo, Chowder, Flapjack, Etc. Are Going To Transform

Dexter: Are You Ready To Transform Into Have Those Superpowers Like Powerpuff Girls!

All: Ready! Power Up!!!!!

Thier Gonna Transform Like Powerpuff Girls Z

Mojo Jojo: (Laughs) I'm Now Using The Remote Controler Robotness

Father: Yes You Right

Chowder: Not So Fast!

Father: Huh!

Sees Chowder And All Of His Friends Are Using Superpowers

Ben and Chowder (Has An Belt On His Hat And Belt On The Shirt): You Are In Major Trouble Now!

Mojo Jojo And Robbie: You Fools Where Gonna Get You With This

Robot Controller has An Ultimate Evil TV Remote!

Grim (As Evil Grim The Power Reaper): What! An Ultimate Evil TV Remote Control! Are You Kidding Me?

Billy (As Billybot): Be bop Be Bop

Mandy (as Wonder Women): Nothing About Robots

Bubbles (As Rolling Bubbles): Holy Shoot!

Buttercup (As Powered Buttercup): Eek!

Blossom (As Hyper Blossom): Come On Guys Where Gonna Kick Thier Butts

Robbie: Let's Have An Ultimate Battle!!!!!!

See Evil TV Remote Control Transforms Into Ultimate Powers Super Powerful!

Tom, Jerry, Scooby, Shaggy, Courage, The Eds, Johnny Bravo, Cow, Chicken And The Marzipan People: GO GET THEM GUYS

Like The First Game [2011] Between The Heroes and The Villains To The Fight Begin At The Cutscene #10

EveryThing Goes Back to Normal/EndingEdit


Mojo Jojo: Arrrgh! Curse You Again

Robbie: If I'll Catch You If Will Be Gone Stupid!

Duke: (voice over) Oh You Villain Guys Shut Up!

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