Prologue: Cartoon Network in TroubleEdit

Opens to a very classy library in which a figure is seen sitting on an arm chair and smoking a pipe that blows bubbles. We zoom in on the figure, revealing the Red Guy.

Red Guy: "Hello, it's me, your narrator for the evening. And I thank you very much for purchasing this very video game! A fellow fan of the Cartoon Network, eh? Well, you're in luck! For today... Well, I was going to do a reading of War and Peace..."

Red Guy holds up War and Peace.

Red Guy: "But have ya SEEN this book? It's like A GAJILLION PAGES LONG!"

He throws it away, followed by the sound of crashing and a cat screeching.

Red Guy: "So instead, I just thought we'd just watch some silly cartoons." (Pulls out a remote) "So FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS, KIDS!"

Red Guy turns to the television in the room and flicks it on to show the Crystal Gems.

Red Guy: "OOH, Steven Universe! I love this show! Oh, is this the one guest starring Uncle Grandpa?"

It then reveals Garnet is fighting Vilgax.

Red Guy: "...HEY, wait a minute here! Something doesn't seem right."

Red Guy changes the channel to the Kids Next Door treehouse with the Gem Warship hovering outside it.

Red Guy: "Ah, Kids Next Door! ...To that GIANT HAND in the sky! I don't remember THAT on the show!"

The Red Guy keeps flipping with numerous scenarios, including Finn and Jake with Ben Tennyson, Chowder and Scooby-Doo running from Ice King, and Tom and Jerry being hugged to death by Bubbles. He then throws the remote on the ground and stands in his chair.


Off-Screen Voice: (Clears throat)

Red Guy: "Huh?"

The Red Guy is suddenly beaned in the head with a book that knocks him and his chair over. He looks at the book, titled "Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion 2 storyline".

Red Guy: "Oh, the story mode! Now I get it! Boy, is my face red." (Laughs)

Red Guy butt-walks in front of the television and opens the book.

Red Guy: "Well, let's begin, shall we?"

Chapter 1: It's Hero Time!Edit

Chapter 2: Beach City BullyEdit

Chapter 3: Rough, Tough, and Powerpuff!Edit

Chapter 4: What Happens in the Park Stays in the ParkEdit

Chapter 6: Lab RatsEdit

Chapter 7: Alien AdventureEdit

Chapter 8: Codename: Kids Next SaturdayEdit

Chapter 9: The Way of the SamuraiEdit

Chapter 10: The End of Cartoons!?Edit

Epilogue: Back to NormalEdit

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