Bubbles is a bubble creature, who made it's debut in Escape from Atlantis!. Bubbles has made some appearances as a playable character in Police Pursuit, and Super Smash Pros. games.

Appearances Edit

In Escape from Atlantis! Edit

When Bubbles was just a young boy, his mom and dad went on a vacation to the city of Atlantis. However, they did not have enough money for the ride home, so they sold Bubbles, while they went home. Ever since then, Bubbles has spent his childhood, trying to remember what his parents looked like, as he is enslaved in the Atlantis Kingdom.

In the game, Bubbles is twelve years old, and was given the job of a paperboy. You spend the first chapter of the game delivering papers to every fish and creature in Atlantis, before returning back to the Atlantis Kingdom, only to escape in the night. When security notices Bubbles is missing, they set out to try to find him. Now Bubbles has to search every part of the sea to get back to his parents.

In Police Pursuit games Edit

Bubbles has made a few appearances in Police Pursuit, since Police Pursuit: Outrun. At the end of the first game, Bubbles is teased, signalling that it would be in the second game. In the second game, Bubbles made its first debut in the series, by helping Otto outrun the police by giving him a bubble jet pack. From then on in the game, Bubbles gave Otto bubble weapons and advice on how to outrun the police. In Police Pursuit: Team Runners, Bubbles, along with a bunch of other characters from other series, became playable characters. Bubbles actually became the second-in-command of Otto's team.

In Super Smash Unleashed! Edit

Bubbles appears in Super Smash Unleashed as a playable character, but is one of the least preferred playable characters. He is ranked EXTREMELY low on the Strength Tier List, ranking 2nd place in the Z Tier, because all of his attacks mostly help his self defense, with the exception of his standard special. However, he is ranked at the top of the Defense Tier List, ranking 1st place in the A Tier.