"My hand may look small, but it's packed with power!"
    —Bryan to Ness, Lucas, and James

Bryan is one of the main playable characters in EarthBound: Elemental Rage. He is also one of the main protagonists of the game, as he is part of the Main Crew, along with Ness, Lucas, James, Theresa, Ben, and Bruce. His psychokinetic abilities relate to energy powers.

Bryan appears as a nerd, with white skin, messy orange hair, and orange glasses. He claims he is thirteen, but the game hints that he is lying, and it is unknown what his true age is. Unlike James, who is known to take things a little more seriously than Ness does, Bryan almost never jokes or smiles ever, in all games he takes place in.

EarthBound: Elemental Rage Edit

Bryan makes his first appearance at the very end of Lecton, where you first see him kneeling down in front of a set of graves. When Ness, Lucas, and James find him, Bryan introduces himself, and explains about the graves. His whole family was killed in a Starman attack when he was a baby. He wandered all over Lecton for three days until a mother, who had recently lost his son in the same attack, adopted him. There he stayed for three years, and then the mother died of poison. After that tragic event, Bryan moved to the Mushroom Cave, where he met a small dwarf who taught him his psychokinetic ways. When the dwarf died of old age, Bryan carried on his training by himself, until he finally walked out of the cave at the age of twelve. He's wandered the town of Lecton until he saw his family's grave, and he stayed there mourning until the other three friends show up. Ever since then, Bryan has been a valuable member of the team.

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