"Game On!"
    —Game's Beta Tagline

Blind's All Star Knockout!! is a Toys to Life video game that falls as a complete Spin-Off to any game series made by Blindsighter101. Unlike any other video game, the game is not an adventure game, nor does introduce any new gimmick. This game features all video game characters made by Blind. Blind's All Star Knockout allows players to create their own mini games, and have other people around the world play on them.

Must See Things Edit

Playable Characters (1) Edit

The main playable characters are all video-game characters made by Blind. This includes fanmade Skylanders (which the majority of them are), and other fanmade video-game characters made under the caregory of different companies (including Nintendo, SEGA, Namco, and Capcom). With just these alone add up to about 1,000 characters. However, the game will not be limited to just those 1,000.

Further Compatibility (2) Edit

As stated before, the game will not be limited to just those 1,000 characters. We plan to make all existing video game characters and other fanmade characters compatible as well. These include Nintendo and other closely related companies. This means you can expect to see Mario from the Mario series, Spyro from the Skylanders and other Spyro games, Master Chief from Halo, Countdown from Skylanders, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

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