The Avatar is the character the player takes the role of in the game, DC: Justice Alliance. The Avatar has different appearances, based on the player's gender choice and player's choice of clothing.

Clothing Edit


  • Default Clothing: As default, the Avatar has short black hair, similar to that of Male Robin's from SSB4, except dyed in black. The Avatar also wears a bandit scarf, colored in white. The Avatar also has silver goggles made of metal that he wears just above his eyes. The Avatar wears a brown jacket with a hoodie that he covers his face with and has dark brown eyes. The Avatar wears a red iron chestplate with a dragon symbol just above his chest, and wears red iron shoulder pads. The Avatar also wears long black pants and has a red iron pad hanging from his red tool belt. The Avatar has black metal shoes.


  • Default Clothing: As default, the Avatar has long chocolate brown hair, similar to Ino's earlier design from Naruto, except dyed in brown. The Avatar also wears a necklace which in the end is a symbol of an eagle colored pink. The Avatar also wears a pink headband. The Avatar wears a white colored jumpsuit. The Avatar has a pink iron chestplate and pink iron shoulder pads. She wears tight jeans with pink iron pads each going down her legs. The Avatar has white metal shoes.


Another feature is you can cosplay your characters you have currently unlocked. Now you can fight off evil cosplaying as your favourite characters!

List of all the costume cosplays you can use.