"More Dimensions. More Magic. More Fun."
    —The Game's official tagline

Arcane Dimensions is a story/freeroam game created by The battle dragon trainer.

Arcane Dimensions
Developer(s) Dragon Games
Publisher(s) Unknown
Genre Story/Freeroam
Platforms DGS
Series Arcane Dimensions
Successor  ???

Story Edit

In the year 34456, our Universe has crumbled, and humans have found a way to create dimensional vortexes, but as the 30+ dimensional vortexes closed, the tech was left abandoned, floating through space. With a new start, humanity has created a new living, evolving into other species, some have created even higher tech then before, while others have mastered magics and some have devolved into stone age neanderthals. Within this new world, creatures that only existed in fantasy tales are real, as well as many more. When an evil warlord strikes up terror you need to take on missions, adventure around the dimensions, battle bosses, and eventually take on the Warlord.

Character Creation Edit

The character can first select boy or girl, then customise eye and hair colour, hair style, eye shape, nose shape, and other features of the face. They can then add name, any tatoos/scars and clothes. Finally, they can choose your dimension. The choices to start in are: Swampua, Cytora, Aronkor or Grias, though many other options are available to be explored.

Dimensions Edit

Dimensions are the main worlds in the game, with dungeons to explore and missions to complete. There are 3 tiers- Starter, Rural, Rugged, Wilderness, Lost and Expert. Starter are the most populated, with many people and have small amounts of dungeons and unpopulated areas. Rural are moderately populated, with multiple small towns and villages as well as 1 or 2 big cities. Rugged have lots of dungeons and almost all enemies spawn out of them as well. They have no big cities. Wilderness have loads of dangerous creatures, and dungeons, with only 7-8 villages in the whole dimension. Lost are covered in trees or other wildernesses, the only structures being things like desert ruins, with small hamlets or outposts chucked in rarely. Expert are the extreme with the hardest to traverse terrain, most dangerous creatures and the only people being quest givers and captured ones.

Starter (Difficulty: I) Edit

  • Swampua- Swampua is a swampy, populated dimension and one of the 4 dimensions that are available to start in. Most houses here are on stilts.
  • Cytora- Cytora is a large dimension with many desert towns and cities. It is available at start and most inhabitants know magic.
  • Aronkor- Aronkor is a stone-age dimension, with the inhabitants mostly being devolved humans, aka Neanderthals. It is available at start and is one of the best places to obtain weapons and rare stones.
  • Grias- Grias is the default and largest starter dimension. It is a large plains dimension which is home to humans, elves and dwarves.

Rural (Difficulty: II) Edit

  • Oceania- Dolphin People and Merpeople live here, and boats are a must.
  • Techix- Lots of tech here.
  • Mountal- Very mountainous, dwarves are here
  • Resta- The whole thing is a big forest, lots of elves.
  • TBA

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