Anime Action!!
Developer(s)  ???
Publisher(s)  ???
Release Date E3 2018
Genre Fighting, Action-Adventure
Platforms  ???
Series Anime Action!!
 Anime Action!! (Japanese:アニメアクション) is an action-adventure 2.5D game, that features multiple characters from multiple Animes.


Anime Action!! plays similar to most 2D Fighting Games, mostly taken up for Mortal Kombat and Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden. Players fight on a 2D stage against another opponent and the fight will continue until the time limit has ended or one should be KO'ed. Another special feature is that sometimes, stages will have small rocks, crates which players can hide and jump for a sneak attack, since these obstacles normally take around 2-4 hits to be broken.

Dialouge Scenes are known to have a big role in the game, as even in Free Battle-Mode, the player has the option to turn on dialouges, making the characters facing each other chat during the fight. Every dialouge character portrait has it's way of showing their own Anime style and is known to have been made by professional artists. Another feature is the Introduction Scenes, inspired from Mortal Kombat. In this starting phase, characters have unique ways of each talking to the other. 



Story Mode: TBAEdit



Playable CharactersEdit

The game consists of _ playable characters, each known to have their own unique moveset and style, making each at least somewhat different from the rest.

AASonGokuIconAALuffyIconAANarutoIcon AAIchigoIcon


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